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Caulking construction of five big mistake! Will quickly look at!

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
With the progress of science and technology, caulking service, so as to solve the black ceramic tile aperture mold such as decoration. Nowadays, more and more owners choose the ceramic tile with caulking agent to decorate their own, so, caulking construction of some of the pitfalls and how many people know? Caulking agent factory below small make up just explain it for you. Myth: tile joint sealant caulking agent immediately after the construction of a large requirement is ceramic tile aperture to moisturize dry, ceramic tile in the shop is stuck to dry after a period of time after processing, such as the moisture evaporation inside just can undertake caulking construction. If ceramic tile just after the shop is stuck for caulking agent construction, will affect the caulking rendering effect. Myth 2: outstanding seam construction directly if the dirt is in the construction of ceramic tile aperture, will seriously affect the service life of caulking agent and effects. Is the right thing to ceramic tile gap filling before construction, use the shovel to dust out of aperture, reoccupy dishcloth, fine wool brush and vacuum cleaner will be cleaning to clean again seam construction. Myth 3: a one-time large-scale construction, some owners when choosing a ceramic tile seam filling agent after the color that oneself like started construction, and has completed, only to find themselves don't choose the color and ceramic tile set up great, at this time to think about only two ways: remedy the caulking agent directly to the shovel to construction, the cost is bigger. ( Caulking colors failure case) Myth: too early or too late for pressure seam caulking agent construction immediately after seam pressure, can lead to a part of the material in the seam pressure is less than, but if the time is too long part material curing pressure effect, out without may also affect the gloss of caulking agent. Seam construction after a period of time is the correct pressure, about five minutes of seam, the effect is the best. ( Seam pressure diagram) Mistake 5: willful choice material owner has the right to choose caulking material, but most of the owners in the process of selection becomes very subjective. Caulking products are good and bad is inevitable, the effect of different products, when choosing cannot blindly only look at price, seek low prices, more want to see the quality of products and effects. Good quality gap filling products can meet your different needs, whether metope, ground or wet toilet, consistent results. Also, a good company with good quality and after-sales service, will also allow you to choose at ease, using at ease. Multicolored caulking color to break the monotony, the distinctive style, to create a picture for our home as pastoral beauty of landscape painting, don't let the problem affecting your ceramic tile on the experience of aesthetic feeling. International industrial co. , LTD as a caulking agent one of the top ten brand, the main environmental protection green caulking products, porcelain, porcelain products cover water king, nano true porcelain, such as beauty and treasure. Caulking product color variety, suitable for the current mainstream of all kinds of decoration style. Caulking products smooth surface, such as porcelain, waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-mildew antibacterial for caulking to become a barrier to protect the owner family health.
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