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Caulking division when we talk about how to be ceramic tile seam filling agent price problem?

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
First of all, as a teacher, ceramic tile seam filling grout, when to owner recommended products, not only limited to the price. With the owner in the form of free talk about these, let owner to generate trust, is the first step to success. , don't be frightened by the buying habits of owner decorate belongs to high consumption, is also the general bargaining is better. Each owner may have a lot of money for decoration, but will try not to let his harm. On the other hand, the owner does not know this caulking grout industry, hear prices tend to said it's too expensive and cut more than half the price. This is all in the industry can bargain, consumers of a shopping habit, the original bargain also does not represent the owner can accept the price, just have the effect of testing price. So, caulking division when heard the price, don't quote us for the first time at low prices scare by the owners. , don't complain about owners to bargain in the discussion of the construction price, caulking division can't on the surface of owners to have a complaint. From the point of business etiquette, complained that the customer is very bad behavior, not only may affect the mood of the owner, also reduces the caulking teacher professionalism. The owners are not satisfied with the price, should first listen to and try to meet the owner's demand, on the basis of the owners will be able to get the basic satisfaction to discuss the price again. , enhance confidence owner price have some doubts about the price, the main reason is the owner of product value is confused. Caulking division, the first thing to do, and not on the price to the owner of the race, but a break the owners of these doubts. Caulking teacher to know where is the use of the product advantage, compared with other brand products in where, compare yourself with other caulking t what is the advantage of the service and so on. In the process of talking to increase confidence in the product owner, the owner could improve value cognition of caulking grout. Mastered these points, and flexible use, caulking division will not find a hindrance when to bargain with the landlord, even can bring a profit for himself.
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