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Caulking don't pick people, novice can also quickly learn how to operate

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Many owners want to give family do caulking on ceramic tile, but because the cause of the construction fee, has no suitable gap filling master. If you have already bought the gap filling agent, might as well try to construction and see, maybe effect also good, besides do caulking don't pick people, beginners can learn how to operate immediately.

different caulking agents need to use some of the tools are different, the one-component caulking agent and a two-component caulking agent there is a big difference, not only the rubber hose, use glue gun is also made of difference. Besides these two, they all need crack-cleaning cone, shovel knife, seam pressure ball, multi-function plate, brush, towel, gloves, concrete construction method is as follows:

1, the gap is clean, use clean seam cone or the shovel, the gap inside the dust cleared, if there is padding, must will be the filler inside out, or it will influence the effect of gap filling agent behind. Sort out the dust can use a vacuum cleaner or brush, also note that there is no water damage, no damp. If there is need can also use the towel to clean gap on both sides, in order to avoid dust may affect curing caulking agent.

2, glue should pay attention to 2 points, one is empty without mixing colloid, 2 it is to pay attention to the glue guns moving speed. Glue need to hit 40 cm long from the hose before colloid, this part of the mix not be cured, don't think waste is not or less. Glue guns moving speed must be slow, let caulking agent into the gap as possible but also cannot too slow, or fill gap filling agent is easy to collapse.

3, need to choose the right tool seam pressure, surface crack with seam pressure plate, the ball can be, but the location of the Yin and Yang Angle will be dedicated tools. In different regions, the seam pressure is a little adjustment technique, cross intersection place should pay attention to the node to external pressure, Yang Angle to cover the gap as far as possible, don't have a tilt.

4, plastic shovel is one of the most simple, such as caulking agent can shovel glue after dry, with a shovel knife scooping up gap filling agent, the rest can be torn off by hand. If think caulking agent and little sticky, no dry, shovel again need to wait for a period of time.

5, if you encounter rough surface of ceramic tile to do caulking construction, must be on the edge of the crack in advance as crepe paper, posted on ceramic tile above, don't put into cracks. Stick to normal after good glue, pressure seam, the seam pressure after 10 minutes later can tear up directly, but be careful not to stick to the ceramic tile, caulking agent.

at the time of construction, also remember to wear old clothes, put on the gloves, or caulking agents adhere to the body is a little difficult to clean up, this step hope novice to remember more, or it will slow down the process of construction.
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