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Caulking enterprise development bottleneck if you spend?

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
Many caulking enterprise under the pressure of market environment, difficult to survival and development. Business difficult to do, in addition to external factors, the enterprise also has its own reason. ( ) Without the brand consciousness and the management pattern, only see immediate interests, ) No marketing mode, are not good at active influence consumer, is more of a passive ( ) Not good at protect consumers, the lack of customer management consciousness ) No advertising budget, do not know the exposure through advertising, publicity brand ( ) Poor execution team, unfamiliar to the industry, the product don't understand, no concept to construction, from a few years is still a rookie, ) Many companies also stagnation in with prices to attract consumer business model, does not translate into value and service to solve the above problems, the international caulking join for service providers to provide professional brand promotion, advertising, marketing planning, a variety of online and offline activities such as technical support. Technical director for caulking construction personnel on a regular basis, unified training, teach the new construction technology products, to help improve their professional written skills, to help solve the problem of product and construction, so as to improve sales performance. International to send '' to the Chinese every family of the great vision and continue to struggle.
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