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Caulking gaining new fashion! Article 3 d artistic beauty was born!

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Believe that you always know, caulking partners caulking brought the beauty and treasure this a caulking product. The treasure to be able to cope with ordinary caulking products construction more difficult to play crural line, the material such as doors and Windows, gesso line construction, and construction is convenient to rework, color beautiful, for a variety of caulking partners of complicated problems for caulking. With the edge of popularity is more and more high, caulking grout according to the gap filling the direction of the market, the optimization and upgrading of its new image of the artistic beauty of edge to D come out! Believe this D artistic beauty of edge, will bring more surprise to all partners! Shape upgrades, more construction! Caulking appeared at the edge of the beautiful treasure has been paid close attention to the edge after the use effect of treasure. According to market research, caulking has carried on the improvement to the beauty of the original edge treasure craft, the width of the appropriate reduced some, let it can adapt to most of the gap width, improve the construction efficiency of caulking division. In addition, the thickness of the beauty of edge on the basis of the original beauty and treasure made the appropriate change. In the medial adds some thickness, let caulking easier to distinguish between positive and negative. In addition, also can let the edge thickening in aperture place card during construction, less likely to fall off after the late glue to finalize the design. Color is rich, more choice! In the process of construction, caulking division will inevitably encounter all sorts of decorate a style, and different style also need different color is tie-in. Therefore, D artistic beauty of edge will also upgrade the product color, launched a total of 12 kinds of commonly used color! Bright white white as the color of the more common in caulking, owner is usually easier to accept. Bright white, simple but elegant, low-key, can be applied to all kinds of decoration style. Silver grey is the recent caulking side 'to be bestowed favor on newly', its low-key but do not break elegant temperament, conquered many pursuit vogue young owner. Will use it to the beauty in the side bar, let beauty of edge of audience more widely. Crystal silver silver crystal using a large number of small sequins showed the effect of shining crystal but not abrupt, is much lower in light of edge chip beauty colors. 7 colour silver in a transparent caulking color for bottom, by the large silver light piece will discus the silver color. It is rich in expressive force, apply to all kinds of luxury decoration. Gold it is striking gold, ivory and ivory jade appearance, is following the joker white is a good choice. Platinum color platinum color on the basis of the original small sequins add some slightly golden sequins, let it in the sun have more abundant reflection luster. Dazzle bright gold and silver has the same effect, discus a lot of gold sequins put in transparent caulking, make the light of the high-profile golden owner the nods eyeball pen of home decoration. Champagne gold as a representative of the wen wan sent gold color, the application of the champagne gold already thorough popular feeling. As for it is suitable for what kind of style, should not need to explain? Lutetium gold looks similar to platinum color, actually inside is very different. Lutetium gold color than platinum color slightly deep some, inside is also very exquisite small sequins, more detailed, low-key some visual sense. Coloured glaze need use sequins bar, is a beauty of edge features in color. As long as is applied proper, can make 'earthy decorate into a luxurious decoration. Gold in coffee brown joined the part in the picture of bright red sequins as an ornament, double color combination to make coffee gold can not only responsible for the stable, and can control the jump to the style of the decoration. Black pearl pure black, quiet, solemn, seemingly cannot close to, but it can use this a calm containing any style of decoration. Effect of joker, fashion personality! As the process of edge D artistic beauty and color to upgrade, caulking divisions according to their characteristics of materials, also open the imagination on the decoration. As long as it is with the window edge of aperture, sink, toilet, gesso line edge, can through the caulking beauty of edge on hands to do. And one of the more popular, it is the beauty of gesso condole top edge. Traditional gypsum ceiling although there is no cracks in a strict sense, but its color is very single, late color also is not very easy. In the space is larger, the white ceiling will obviously have a drab feeling. But the beauty of edge, make a single plaster ceiling can be adornment, coruscate gives its new vitality. Despite all sorts of line condole top, but the edge of the flexibility, plasticity is very strong, as long as the careful alignment of construction, will be able to make more stunning beauty. Here is the sale of edge, caulking headquarters received some from the beauty of caulking division side figure. The emergence of a variety of color also suggests that beauty of gesso condole top edge color diversity, D article artistic beauty and practicality. At present, the D of the artistic beauty of edge products, color plate have been the arrival of the goods, if you have to want to try to caulking partner, don't miss it. Let's set off the edge of a new revolution, grasps the new beauty edge technology, realize the life dream! ! ! ! ! Caulking year founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong, the company's main real king porcelain, porcelain water, waterborne epoxy, the treasure to four categories of caulking environmental protection product. The pursuit of 'scientific and technological innovation, integrity management; Strengthen service, win-win cooperation 'business philosophy, to listen to partner advice, maintenance of product quality, strengthen the development of new products; Introduce more welfare policy, let go far better.
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