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Caulking good projects, have you more wonderful

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
View trend, do the market, to achieve throughout ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, who achieve great things, leads the market when it moves when it's necessary to make moves who has join in policy, who has absolute power! Joining project in the information explosion, the good and bad are intermingled emerge in endlessly, in business opportunities with pie and trap the circumstances of mud and sand flow together, in the face of a good project, you can do it without hesitation, the moves when it's necessary to make moves? International industrial co. , LTD. , focusing on the areas of caulking materials and auxiliary materials, pay close attention to national policy guide trends and industry development trends, based on the field, leading peers, big market, has become the industry benchmark caulking field. In years, the international development trend of the combination of caulking market quickly, to formulate a series of joining supporting policies, aspire to a second-tier cities and county level cities in China, we will vigorously support partners, joining partners more achievements, own a bright together. Scientific and technological innovation, integrity management, strengthening service, win-win cooperation! Speak in a product, service warm heart is steadfast, steadfast, conscientious service international is committed to high-tech research and development, constantly upgrading for caulking products, in the original flexible true king of porcelain, porcelain, waterborne epoxy, the edge water, on the basis of the binder, and the development of new products - — Porcelain, nano true porcelain, the king beautiful treasure is upgraded to a more convenient artistic beauty while, this for users around the world, continuously conveying caulking high quality product, the attitude and the good faith management, meticulous service to expand the market, provide powerful support for the cooperative alliance business. Is the idea of the development of international top - — When my partners are successful, I would be successful. Strong ego, benefit others and support entrepreneurship, where to look for wind and rain peers caulking project, international policy thoroughly support policy, only to help your great progress supply support according to the monthly sales receivable amount and different degree of proportion of free shop goods logistics support service issued from the factory, agents, distributors can be issued by the factory or molecular company, using direct logistics package mail rebates to support according to the monthly sales receivable amount and different proportion of rebates commission reward store support door head advertising, body advertising, advertising image support sticker for store image design, and embody the stores unified logo, unified standards, as well as the staff good service consciousness. Advertising support from online, offline advertising, promote product visibility, increase marketing opportunities. Training support international to partners across the country on a regular basis and construction personnel, professional knowledge training, respectively from the industry trends, market situation and marketing strategy, communication technique, product knowledge, construction techniques and so on, all-round multi-angle skills upgrading training, help people grasp the market, more grasp the business opportunities. Responsible for yourself, responsible for the company, responsible for customer one-on-one personalized solutions, each partners problems is to make you look good, all is me the ladder of the progress of international always insist to provide considerate service for the cooperative dealers, first of all, improving their skills, develop good marketing skills, have to pass both sides confirmed eyes to find the right partner, whole hog support, combined with the resources and advantages, partners and the local conditions, the resolution of all, provide the most reasonable marketing solutions, and provide relevant materials design support. International industrial co. , LTD. , focusing on the caulking materials field, integrating r&d, production, sales, construction, training, after-sales at an organic whole, the main true porcelain series, water porcelain series, elegant porcelain series, water-based epoxy, beauty of edge, ceramic tile adhesive, etc. Years, founded the international, opens the journey to explore ceramic tile seam filling agent field. Years, creation of caulking agent brand, set up headquarters in wuhan, central China, formally entering caulking market, carried out a series of management measures. Caulking years, to create our brand, two brands complement each other, to further expand the market share. Was founded, xuzhou, east China headquarters and rapidly expand service center, a year. Years, li xiang signing for caulking image spokesperson, the same year to a service center. Year contract TongLei jie caulking image ambassador, in the same year to multiple service center. Years, after years of development, has a modern production base - — Jinan, ma on shan dust-free factories; To set up an operational headquarters - — East China headquarters in xuzhou, jiangsu, hubei wuhan huazhong headquarters; Service center to achieve several, a second-tier cities across the country and cities at the county level.
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