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Caulking leave much gap when the most appropriate?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Before making a ceramic tile caulking caulking agent factory small make up from the Internet some information on the ceramic tile gap filling, but still to ceramic tile gap filling can keep long time, some confusion. Ceramic tile gap filling can maintain how long? We have to learn how to maintain after ceramic tile gap filling. We don't know where it came from, 'said ceramic tile gap filling agent service life is very short, but also can damage of ceramic tile. Should be the one to buy inferior filled seam an agent of the unfortunate people. In fact, even the general quality of gap filling agent, he has also, the service life of the year, and the role of caulking agent is to protect the ceramic tile is not affected by dust and water pollution, so ceramic tile not only won't hurt, can let the longer life of ceramic tile instead. After ceramic tile gap filling do, what problem should note? First of all, keep the floor clean, especially not strong corrosive liquid flow to the ground, caulking agent usually has certain corrosion function, but if the corroded more frequently, can also be damaged. Second, is to pay attention to, can't poke it with sharp objects, after all, is what later filling, if because of the failure, affect beautiful is second, protect the effect of ceramic tile will be greatly reduced.
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