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Caulking manufacturer teacher told you, caulking, when is the best time to do!

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Ceramic tile gap filling when do more appropriate? Need to pay attention to what? Caulking, when is the best time to do? Caulking agent factory teacher tell you today. First if floor tile gap protection of good, no wetland tile aperture, can wait after a fine health make to do the best. Now do caulking do two methods, toilet and kitchen is done first, after doing sitting room balcony, etc. The first step in the toilet caulking do first why toilet caulking do first? Behind is actually afraid of imitation porcelain workers receiving water wet toilet floor tile aperture, now if the weather wet floor tile gap is difficult to get dry. And there's a if bathroom sanitary ware, shower, sink, toilet, etc are installed, they can't do the caulking in some places, the moisture of toilet will never do caulking seams to inhale, metope and wet. So want to catch up on the bathroom floor tile aperture clean dry, to do the caulking, after paying the toilet ground protected with film again. At this point, can install all clean toilet. Caulking do first kitchen caulking can do first, because the kitchen moisture and oil pollution is heavy, it should be before installing cabinets and caulking first made, all gaps are made after caulking, can install ambry, condole ark, kitchen burning gas and mesa. If you installed cabinet, condole ark, table, etc. , then there will be a lot of gaps do caulking, didn't do caulking gap time is long, the moisture of the kitchen will invade the aperture, will harm the plate against the wall brick of ambry. Second sitting room balcony caulking, etc all decorate a project completed, after the fine health make, you can proceed to the second step caulking, and final finish caulking, some of the metope of the sitting room balcony ground is very clean, no other things out of the way. Caulking matters needing attention, before making a caulking to clean up all the cracks, the cracks with cleaner cement sand dust suction clean, reoccupy cloth wipe off the edge and cracks on the surface of the ceramic tile, be sure to wipe off the dust, if you have any dust gap edge, make caulking is unstable, will fall off. Warm prompt: be sure to clean cement and black spots on the edge of the ceramic tile aperture, otherwise, to the edge of caulking can have the black edge.
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