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Caulking market to make money? Industry development?

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
With the development of caulking industry, more and more people to enter the field, who all want to occupy more market share, which prompted growing competition between brands. The replacement of old and new enterprises, the competition between brands, caulking market changes is upside down, some brand depression, some stay and transition, some still maintained a strong development momentum. In recent years, industry status quo, some caulking manufacturers in order to occupy the market volume, each spell price, causing some fake and shoddy products into the market, the price war play more and more fierce, caulking industry also increasingly messy. The end result is: the manufacturer's profits less and less; Using inferior product caulking construction team, construction quality can't guarantee, receive more and more difficult; Owner spent money cannot enjoy favorable caulking construction service experience manufacturers confused traditional sales mode is mostly recruit regional agents. Just rely on the agent is very difficult to build a huge sales network throughout the country. Agents are mostly proprietary construction use, product sales limited agents confused parts manufacturer no policy support to the agent, once product sales are not satisfied, will be replaced face the risk of dealer caulking product homogeneityphenomenon serious confusion, sell-through rate is low, the customer the unit price is small, less customer resources. How to find the customer resources? How to track and maintain customer resources? This is a difficult question caulking construction team confusion ( ) Use inferior low-cost caulking product, quality problem during the construction. Lose the customer trust, order more and more difficult. More and more low price! ( ) Caulking product update quickly, it will only a few product of construction, to meet diversified demands in the client terminal owner confusion do caulking, decorating is a full package or half a pack? Is to save time, save money or worry? Some owners said confused. A lot of people for caulking product not familiar with,'s ability to identify the product quality is not high, mainly by relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors and decorate teacher recommended. Enterprise development bottleneck of caulking enterprises under the pressure of market environment, struggling to survival and development. Business difficult to do, in addition to external factors, the enterprise also has its own reason. ( ) Without the brand consciousness and the management pattern, only see immediate interests, ) No marketing mode, are not good at active influence consumer, is more of a passive ( ) Not good at protect consumers, the lack of customer management consciousness ) No advertising budget, do not know the exposure through advertising, publicity brand ( ) Poor execution team, unfamiliar to the industry, the product don't understand, no concept to construction, from a few years is still a rookie, ) Many companies also stagnation in with prices to attract consumer business model, does not translate into value and service industry prospects two-child policy open, each year a large number of construction area, led consumer demand in the decoration industry, just need to buy a house, decorate has become, become the main force that buy a house, after with personalized decoration trend, and three or four line city aesthetic level, economic conditions, ideology, is love with crouch hole before, now have come to use the toilet, before with white cement ceramic tile aperture gap filling, are now switch to gap filling agent. There is no doubt that China caulking industry certainly contained deep blue ocean. If you would like to ask, taking caulking field? The answer is yes, this is a depth has yet to hit a blue ocean market, waiting for people with dreams continue subsoil. Over time, caulking agent market will burst amazing power, please wait and see! Also engaged in an industry, some run years business is still good, someone running a few months to fold, and are not without reason. There are many factors that can decide the enterprise survival length: product, construction, value, service, management, market factors such as different, can cause very big difference. Do caulking industry are not afraid to go slow, more important is to go steady. Must be more and more fierce market competition, and gap also will be more and more obvious. Price alone can make an enterprise continued growth times gone, precipitation good mentality, steadfast to do product caulking, caulking construction, caulking services, such as tangible things, and doing fine, fine. Ceramic tile gap filling agent in the future market will be belong to these dreams, professional and sincere people of the world!
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