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Caulking master strongly recommended epoxy what is unique about the color sand?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Epoxy color sand is what material? Why many caulking teacher said this is the real product caulking, abroad is very common. And we also began to use the color sand, the caulking product looks and caulking agent is very different, it has the characteristic of which we don't know? Although epoxy sand texture and caulking agent seems to vary widely, but it has the same effect, many aspects are almost the same, but also has its special epoxy sand texture, is filled seam an agent can't compare with. , environmentally friendly water-based formula: epoxy color sand at present only water-based formula, and the formula of waterborne caulking agent, soluble in water, before curing added are natural environmental protection raw material, green net, does not contain other harmful chemical substances. This is the advantages of epoxy color sand, as well as its disadvantages. Because of easily soluble in water, in the construction of material a bit to avoid contact with water, scrubbing the ceramic tile is easy to dissolve color sand on the surface of the gap. , the curing effect of superhard: the color sand add a lot of natural sand particles, very hard after curing, hardness can be compared with ceramic tile, and colour sand surface is rough, there is a clear grain, wear resistance is very good, won't rub off also convenient. However, if the color sand accidentally stuck in ceramic tile not clean up in time, subsequent stick firmly, clearing up is more difficult. , nature of caulking effect: caulking agent after dry surface is very smooth, also have a lot of gloss, but the color sand epoxy of pigment particles is large, there are a lot of natural sand particles, can fully fill the gap. Present a matte color sand surface effect, overall full good-looking, there would be no collapse. But at the time of mixing need to be pay attention to, must not add water mixing. , simple operation: epoxy sand texture is very suited to fill the gaps in the Mosaic tiles, construction, operation and use the method of white cement caulking, caulking first, then scrub, two steps can be done at the same time, very save time, and caulking no skill. But the color sand control of time more strict, must be timely wash clean, or colored sand cured soon, subsequent clean up will be very trouble. But some owners reflect, at the time of scrubbing a milky liquid, this is the color sand dissolved water, wiped a few times, there is no more in the future. Construction, must do a good job in every step carefully, so gap filling effect is best.
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