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Caulking sales skills | will dig potential customers into actual customers

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Caulking as a simple and beautiful decorate a process of steps, in decorating a period of owner's attention very much. So caulking of people in the face of customers, most of them are intend to decorate or if he is the owner decorate. Seize these owners, that is, caulking potential customers heart, not just rely on a hardcore, also is the quality of the products and services, in the process of sales, also can have certain skills that caulking products approved by the employer. Today, for you caulking people to discuss something about caulking sales skills. First of all to the subject of a more substantial, these potential customers to track how many times in order to clinch a deal? Through a large amount of data statistics show that % into single source lies in the gap filling a person the first time even for the first time tracking. That is to say, the track is the development of potential customers, one of the most advantageous way. So in the industry of caulking, caulking should take what kind of strategy, let owner in the process of cognitive products do not produce YanFanGan again? Caulking tracking strategy, using a special way, deepen the owner for caulking people impression. WeChat is currently most people way of communication, and the general owners would have more tired in WeChat advertisements within the circle of friends. Caulking, therefore, people should first move around within their own circle of friends are some let owner interested in content. Joint owner's interest at ordinary times, can deepen the identity of the owner, also can let owner for caulking people interested, so interested in joint sealant products. , pay attention to the two tracking interval. Tracking time is too short, can make the owner prone to boredom. Tracking time is too long, can make the owner impression of caulking people gradually forgotten. In general, for still or at the early stage of the decoration is not decorate owner, can every - caulking Weeks to track again. For decorating period of owner, caulking can decorate progress according to owner, discretion shorten frequency tracking. , tracking, please do not reveal to into single strong desire. Documentary, as long as the owner does not exude wants to buy caulking grout product requirements, caulking people cannot strongly show the desire to want to single. Want to further close distance with the vendor, should try to help customers solve their problems. For the owner is decorating, can ask the owner to decorate how, there is no need to help place, and so on, reduce the distance with the owners. And in this among them, also need to involve some sales skills. , fake tried to fake tried to, that is, assuming that the owner of a problem if solved, the owner will not buy the product. Such as the owner to ask: your caulking products have perfect after-sale service? Caulking person answer: if our service make you satisfied, whether you decide to buy our products? If the owners make sure answer, then the caulking people should from the perspective of after-sales service to owner to make a perfect explanation. , rhetorical question asked, that is, the owner ask the question, let owner to solve this problem, and then caulking people to supplement. Such as the owner to ask: perfect after-sale service for your product? Caulking person answer: what do you think of after sales in order to make you satisfied? After the owner had said after-sales service standards, caulking according to owner request for another more detailed explanation. And conversion process, is the owner of a problem for caulking a selling point of the product. Such as the owner to ask: perfect after-sale service for your product? Caulking person answer: worry about you is should, our after-sales service in May is not very perfect at present. But according to my line into the five years of work experience, the gap filling product is the number of complaints is the least amount of owner, is that the quality of this product is the most guaranteed. On the premise of quality will also be able to ensure after-sales service, you see more appropriate? In the communication with the owners of caulking people also want to avoid the following two kinds of errors. , explain gush in the process of interpretation of the products, can not merely talk about the selling point of the product from cover to cover, and do not give the landlord a gap. In this case, the owner a moment think caulking people speak too much, there will be a tired of emotions. Second think this product's selling point is too much, too miscellaneous, may lead to other problems. , was trapped by the owner's problem though owners the questions, the more he buy the greater the demand, but the owner of the more experienced, and the more likely they are to the problem of doping false questions, problems or elaborate caulking. So in front of a lot of problems, caulking should consider the problem of true and false, selective answer questions from the owner. Want to do have a lot of potential customers, caulking need caulking people grasp it timely communication and tracking. Want to use the above sales skills, plus caulking person's own experience, can find is just to the owner for caulking. Caulking year founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong, the main production of green environmental protection product caulking. Company's main brand, and jie brand, roubaix, nest, xin porcelain five brands, covering high school low-end products, three levels of ceramic tile seam filling grout for caulking have the choice of a suitable with the owner. Hope, let more consumers, to be able to enjoy the environmental caulking bring a better life.
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