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Caulking shop how to decorate, can have a sentiment?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
In the building materials market, often can see many figures of the caulking shops. Their area is not large, often filled with a variety of materials, looks a little crowded, some messy. , some intentional owner may also be placed on tables for the owner came to visit, to talk about caulking requirements. But only that, for the owner in the future propaganda is not enough. Since have store, you can't put store as a warehouse, fully use it up. A floor space, reasonable use up due to the smaller stores, reasonable space is especially important. Caulking stores in addition to the normal reception of the owner of the place, but also has a certain space to put material and caulking tools. If the owner doesn't normally will caulking materials and tools to sort out good, can create a closed when decorate, is not affected by the illumination of space as a warehouse. If before finishing at ordinary times, can use a few shelves put material in the store, as the exhibition hall. In addition to material, to make a store looks full of ceremony and formal feeling, also want to let the general store with elements within the store in a small space. Such as door head, receive a visitor area, exhibit, etc. , these factors reasonable planning, plus meet caulking brand the whole design, you can keep the store looks more neat and easy, also in stark contrast with the surrounding stores. Second, pay attention to the reasonable selecting soft outfit fixed decorate a style, the whole inside decorate furniture also is very important. First of all, as a caulking store, the store of caulking decoration or need. Such as shown in the area to hang on all kinds of ceramic tile, and caulking ahead for these tiles, in his store on the ceramic tile of caulking. Completes the gap filling effect when talk with the owner can also be used as a caulking example, let owner can more intuitive understanding of caulking, see the actual effect of caulking. In his store at the same time, using its own brand products, also can increase the trust of the owner of the brand, improve the rate of single. Caulking owner in the process of with the landlord about single, usually takes some time, so have a comfortable talk about single zone is caulking shopkeepers to consider. Talk about single area needs to be divided with other functional areas, can choose according to the size of the indoor and flow of the number of tables and chairs. No matter how many tables and chairs, everything at least to sit up and comfortable, let owner can sit down and caulking shopkeeper explained patiently. In addition, the store can also be equipped with water cooler, after taking the door, take the initiative to pass a glass of water for the owners, also can improve the credibility of owner. Three, door head propaganda is very important also is compared commonly big, the area of the building materials market building will be more, how to make the owner in the sight of your brand, this caulking shopkeeper put some effort. When decorating a door head first, not only focus on this side to door head decoration, Suggestions on the door or in front of the door to do a double door head decoration, and so on both sides of the road owners also can see gap filling the owner of the store, if he is interested in, will walk into stores here for further inquiries. If reluctant, only in this area in their striking, some advertising can also be rented in the building materials market, on advertising marked clearly his own name and the specific position, and in other parts of the city to do some guidance to the store. With these guidelines, in the face of big city, even if the owner is not going to at the beginning, will also feel that by better somewhere in the past, it also gives the caulking shopkeeper order opportunity. In short, if you want to get some in the middle of the city traffic, the necessary propaganda and eye-catching design is essential. If caulking the owner is a little difficult for this design, then to join this big family, per a caulking shop owners to provide professional decoration design renderings, make your store in the city there are more bright eye. Now joined agents, service providers, can store for free with caulking shopkeeper door head of complete sets of design, let caulking shopkeepers have consistent with international overall corporate image of the store image. Blue green elegant atmosphere, and jie, plus international reasonable decorate a design, with which the owner saw will not move? International industrial co. , LTD. The main business of caulking gun research and development, production, sales, construction, after caulking market, has a good reputation. Caulking grout brand including, when jay, roubaix, nest, xin porcelain, comply with the demand of various owners caulking to decorate, make caulking become an indispensable part of the owner of green home outfit.
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