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Caulking teacher how to self checking caulking effect?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Finished caulking, carries on the construction acceptance is the end of caulking construction step. Before the owner in the acceptance, in order to let owner to have a better impression, caulking division can remove excess stock in our first step after acceptance of construction. In this way, even if some problems occurred during construction, also can remedy in a timely manner. At the same time, caulking division self-policing would make a good impression for owner. So in the process of acceptance, caulking should from which aspects? Overall aesthetic from the perspective of the decorative ceramic tile is the role of caulking gun ceramic tile aperture spruced up, let the integral style of the decoration more harmonious nature. So, caulking effect of aesthetic and caulking of acceptance of the more important one annulus. Although the color of caulking is owner via caulking teacher's advice to choose its own, but the overall effect is good, finish caulking has not let the house of tonal shine at the moment, is the acceptance standard of caulking have chosen color. In addition, there are also caulking divided into matte color and light color, light color caulking will contain some reflective sequins. That is to say, light color fastens caulking under daily light and direct sunlight or lamplight, will have different caulking effects. Therefore, caulking division when the acceptance gap filling effect of light color, also have respectively from two different light Angle to acceptance, the color of the two kinds of judgment whether to meet the owner of home decoration. Bump is uniform finished the overall effect, starts from the details of caulking. According to owner's own preferences, at present there are two types of concave and convex caulking. One is slightly concave in ceramic tile surface, let the plane a v-shaped gap filling and ceramic tile, it can let the caulking surface look even more solid. At the same time, also won't let caulking contact for a long time when cleaning wear and prolong the service life of caulking. The other is parallel to the surface of ceramic tile, this kind of practice can make ceramic tile aperture look more full, color also is more outstanding, more suitable for small aperture caulking decoration. Two kinds of concave and convex come in different ways, caulking division should choose owner like manner caulking. Regardless of which kind of caulking, will have their own fixed sag, caulking teacher need from macroscopic observation, if there is any gap concave or convex abrupt place than other gaps. In general, the error is all some, but as long as not too clear, are qualified caulking. In addition, cross junction as a special place, caulking division also want to check whether their every cross point press in place. Although as smooth as possible, but to the naked eye under the acceptable level of FuDongGan is also acceptable. Cross intersections of level off, caulking division after years of construction experience is needed to develop, therefore caulking division or to work harder in this respect, let to the satisfaction of both parties of a caulking. Change color? Did not work? Caulking before not completely cured, its status is some unstable. Therefore, when the gap filling and solidification, some if the environment changes, caulking will produce all sorts of problems after curing. More common color, white, wet, fall off, and so on. Caulking division is naturally do careful construction during the construction, also told the owner can't open the window after construction. But some rain weather, appearing in one thousand or leakage is the case, let environment before caulking curing is changed, this is also the inevitable. And gap filling area is large, gap is very much also. In order to avoid slip, caulking teacher should pay attention to when checking, as far as possible to ensure each crack is examined and no occurrence what problem. Under normal circumstances, the inspection can do it according to your order of caulking order, according to their own construction in order to check the memory, are generally not missing. Porcelain seam on both sides have any excess stock although caulking grout after many formula upgrade, remaining material has very good cleaning, but for some surface is rough, ceramic tile, clean up or there will be some difficulties. In addition, some color is lighter caulking, both sides have some not cleaned up the remaining material is hard to find. Therefore, caulking division in check yourself, also want to pay attention to the following on both sides of the ceramic tile, see if there are some stubborn remaining material has not yet been cleaned up. If it is with color is more like the ceramic tile, can pass from the perspective of the different reflection of ceramic tile. Also places more easily overlooked, such as the sink, floor drain, toilet, they may be small, the cracks in the ceramic tile may be coarse, also forget to clean up the remaining material or have excess stock remaining phenomenon also is common. Caulking t need one bow, when check carefully check. Mastered the above acceptance method, is easy to found my own shortcomings when acceptance, also can further enhance their own caulking construction level. Caulking year founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong, has yet to be established caulking market experience. 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