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Caulking tile want to do, learn to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of caulking

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Caulking tile want to do, but don't blindly follow, learn to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of caulking, measure then decide whether to do. Caulking agent a lot of advantages, I believe everyone also beautify the role of publicity of caulking agent, but what are the disadvantages of caulking, must understand clearly.

the advantages of caulking agent

1, beautiful adornment sex is strong: gap filling agent, unlike gap filling agent, is not only a white color, the color caulking agent is very rich, toner is exquisite and environmental protection, suitable for a variety of decorate a style, have certain adornment effect, can promote an outfit taste.

2, environmental protection practical: the caulking agent is subject to chemical products, nonpoisonous and harmless, but adding epoxy resin is a kind of high usability of raw materials. The gap filling agent, the environmental protection of the quality qualification is assured, and practicality is very strong, not only can fill the gap, also can protect the use of ceramic tile.

3, good durability, adhesion strong gap filling agent, can firmly sticks ceramic tile, will not fall off, craze is hard and anti-scrape wear-resisting, durable sex is very strong, is filled seam an agent is unable to compare.

4, clean and easy to clean, can effectively waterproof and moistureproof, make a lot of gaps to keep dry and clean, and not brown not black, more won't appear moldy, stick to the stain with a wet towel to wipe gently, clean way is very simple.

the disadvantage of caulking agent

1, the construction of high environmental requirements: before making caulking, need to clean up the cracks in the ceramic tile, should have a certain depth and width, can not have dust and stain, or it will influence the effect of caulking, cause the caulking agent not stem, fall off, etc.

2, easy to corrode ageing: the colloid products are not in the sun exposure, easy aging decoloring, if encounter strong acid strong corrosive products, it is easy to corrode, appear all sorts of problems, need a good maintenance.

3, quality is different, the price is higher, caulking agent adding material, craft is different also, the production cost of the product is different, a lot of caulking agent have different quality, but most of the good quality price is higher, the owner will consider price by myself.
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