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Caulking tip: good seam pressure timing, construction effect don't have to worry about!

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
To tell the truth at first many owner does not expect the ceramic tile gap filling agent, think just changed ceramic tile seam a color, and there is no other effect. Even for caulking agent brand, quality requirements. Many owners change this kind of thought are finished in ceramic tile caulking acceptance after it was found that this is a very necessary things. Some owners will choose ten big brand gap filling agent, then your own construction. So, now that many young people like diy caulking construction. Jiangsu small make up of caulking agent today to a tip with you, how pressure during the construction of seam, can have higher effect. First of all, we all know that filled seam an agent is a kind of polymer material, at the same time both flexibility and hardness, caulking agent after drying is a beautiful wear waterproof effect. The drying time is about ~ hours gap filling agent, specific see the temperature conditions, so try not to play is large area, prevent the curing. A ml caulking agent can fill about square meters of ground ( The floor tile of x) Smaller, if only one construction area of a material, to sew, time is too long seam pressure uneven. How long can seam pressure after caulking agent? Because under the influence of the temperature of solidification gap filling agent, the seam pressure time will have different Suggestions according to the season. Is filled seam an agent under the construction of the top ten brand of international advice: if you are a man do caulking, then you play caulking agent is important to note that when playing a few cracks immediately filled seam to seam pressure, don't want to follow up with this group of caulking agent such as pressure seam. Temperature gap filling agent curing fast, wait till you finished a set of the filled seam an agent to seam, caulking agent on the curing process at this time, waiting for you to seam pressure, you will find that there is no seam, pressure filled seam an agent has hardened. Summer caulking construction must be two cooperation, a person is responsible for gap filling agent, another is pressure seam, in front of the people playing behind how much gap filling agent is how much gap filling pressure. Caulking agent after out, is to quickly finish caulking pressure, also do not need not wait. Winter low temperature gap filling construction also good point, low temperature gap filling agent curing time is very much, if a man do caulking construction, at this point you can follow up with a set of caulking agent such as seam pressure is no problem. Play caulking agent himself seam pressure, can play more filled seam an agent to seam, so it can increase the work efficiency. Whether it's winter and summer do caulking construction, must pay attention to the gap filling agent is a two-component, composition by epoxy resin, curing agent, pigment, etc. Epoxy resin and curing agent mixing, through chemical reaction curing, caulking agent is squeezed into the water after squeeze bottles can be cured.
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