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Caulking wikipedia: the kitchen ceramic tile need with caulking agent?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Recently, small make up to hear a lot of caulking agent owner at the edge of the web site consulting, many friends, struggle in the kitchen decorate a kitchen wall brick need caulking? Kitchen caulking looks will be more beautiful, but in a wet will bring more negative effects in the kitchen? Then followed the small make up together to get to know is what the kitchen wall brick need caulking! ! ! ! The kitchen after the shop is stuck wall brick generally do caulking processing, because white cement caulking agent such as unable to solve the problems of the wallpaper seams waterproof, anti-corrosion, moreover its water imbibition is strong, appear stain part is hard to clean up, and use a few years later will appear fall off, off powder phenomenon, will seriously affect the beautiful. And caulking agent has incomparable advantage over white cement, waterproof, anti-corrosion, prevent oil, easy to clean, do not change color, change the aperture black moldy phenomenon. Kitchen wall brick need caulking? If you are making is archaize brick home kitchen wall brick, the kitchen used caulking agent is necessary. If you can use is bo changes a brick, don't use gap filling agent, but if you require high to the environment that occupy the home, the kitchen toilet is wet space it is better to need caulking. Kitchen wall brick need caulking? We can from the following several points to consider: the practical convenience: kitchen wall brick no gap filling agent, the crack is easy to become dirty black bacterium, use after caulking, can avoid this kind of situation, and cleaning up more convenient. Beautiful: caulking agent rich variety, not filling compared to much beautiful seam an agent of the kitchen decorate, for you to pursue a refined, sophisticated life, still had better use. Save time to save money: with caulking agent can save a lot of time cleaning, after when the kitchen is decorated, not necessarily can be done at any time, if you need to do to clean up the cracks in the wall brick. Again if you want to save money, can use caulking agent + gap filling agent, backing with gap filling agent, give us about mm for gap filling agent, so that it can save cost. Above is small make up for the kitchen need not to need some analysis of caulking, hope you read this article to make the right choice, if you are grappling with this question, might as well collect my this article, small make up feel to do not need caulking also depends on personal interests and hobbies, small make up is just give you some conclusion and suggestion.
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