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Ceramic glue construction and caulking agent is the same

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
Ceramic glue and caulking agent are two different caulking products, they have many differences, including appearance, function, nature and the construction method, etc. , but when it comes to the largest difference, or the construction method and function. Ceramic glue now most is the most common pure white, although play the role of the joker, but was a lot of limitations on the choice of color, won't meet the aesthetic needs of many individual users, whereas caulking agent has many color choice and style positioning, suitable for all grades of consumers. Ceramic glue is a very beautiful and durable products, wear resistance, hardness and glossiness and caulking agent and intensity may be not as good as filled seam an agent, so not as widespread as ceramic adhesive for bonding repair, and caulking hutch defends bath Angle of Yin and Yang. When it comes to what is good or bad, you are more bad word, because of different strengths, such as ceramic glue positioning is high-end consumers, price is a little bit higher, the average user is only suitable for selective consumption, large area is used to have a lot of economic pressure, and caulking agent has each class of users, use widely.

which is from the construction cost, ceramic glue construction is relatively complex, is slower than the gap filling agent, also have higher technical content, and need professional construction team, so the cost is relatively higher than the gap filling agent, of course, after the construction ceramics and ceramic tile glue is flush, such beautiful, more overall and caulking agent can also own construction, very convenient and quick, not only such, caulking agent construction was slightly lower than ceramic tile, after presenting a circular arc, smooth as porcelain deep V show more sexy glamour, but may be less comfortable foot feeling. So both each have each advantage, you can need according to their own preferences and select the product type, and caulking agent production company, there are a lot of product, you can for your choose.
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