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Ceramic tile and caulking how to match the new fashion?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Ceramic tile, enduring decorative elements in decorating. No matter how change, decorate a style to place of ceramic tile will always have it a foot. Gap filling grout, and ceramic tile is tie-in a new force. No matter how ceramic tile color change, caulking will always find the similarities between them. The two fusion, foil each other, each other to have more changes in the rooms, let decorate a style to have more administrative levels feels. The diversity of ceramic tile, inclusive of gap filling grout, will make the ceramic tile with caulking the pair, in the field of future caulking, will blossom a more splendid. Half year has in the past, now, please follow the steps, to see ceramic tile and caulking, which are popular classical collocation. Department of marble and gold marble tiles with imitation marble texture and texture, ceramic tile design and color is not too flowery nor too smooth. Have a significant number of eye catching it, has been favored by the owner. Diversity of design and color and the characteristics of fouling resistance make it qualified for the decoration of the ground, some decorative pattern and also let owner tends to make it for the kinds of setting wall decoration. Though the color of the marble is different, but most of the owners tend to use golden caulking products. Department of caulking color is golden containing a high color, gold, diamond lutetium gold is the color of the owners prefer, they combined with large size of marble tile, can highlight the marble tile itself more elegant temperament. And champagne, light gold such somewhat shallow color, with own low-key caulking color to foil marble rich design and color, enhance the contrast, more can send out the charm of the marble itself. Other classic color gray department in addition to the golden is caulking, new grey system also was welcomed by many owners. The collocation of grey caulking and marble golden system slightly compared to a low profile, but to create a low room luxury and mysterious atmosphere. White fastens in the caulking diversified colors today, classic still is regarded by some owners of color, white is such. The small white fastens a personality, but when can't decide choose joker of it must not go wrong. Ash brick and white fastens the continent blows the contracted wind is accepted and respected by the owners in recent years, contracted wind brought log furniture, also brought grey brick. Ash brick namely grey archaize brick, the color of the surface rough feeling let it than other types of ceramic tile is composed. Composed of color to let the audience will be a little more, so, whether it's endowment room decoration or youth decorate, ash brick utilization rate is higher. Whether what age people decorate, white fastens caulking is grey brick good partner. Older old man will be like the color of plain and neat, the feeling of grey and white, plain and neat is precisely what they need. Young people pursuit of contracted wind tide, ivory, the simple sense of softness and grey brick, interpretations of the contracted fashion belongs to the new youth. Diversity of contracted golden department even though ash brick is a representative of the contracted wind, there are still many owner will choose let aureate collocation with it. Contracted grey and slightly high gold together, although lost some simple atmosphere, but given the space decorate another low excessive feelings. Gray is the same color does not represent a drab, the fusion of the same color is also one part of the contracted wind. The collocation of color is same also can let little space on the vision has the certain extend, very suitable for the small family, small toilet adornment. With brown wood grain brick is the fast pace of life in the city scene breath, air and decorate pollution also let people to panic, as a warm harbor, when decorating a home owner, is becoming more and more pay attention to both natural and environmental protection. Wood grain brick as ceramic tile, decorate environmental protection, rich color, wood realistic, natural chose it give up part of the owners wood floor. In order to mimic the effect of wooden floor, the owners when choosing color caulking and resembles with wood grain brick brown caulking. After completes the caulking, similar seam caulking color can make porcelain hidden in virtually, imitation wood floor is better. At the same time, caulking neither odor products, also won't accumulated dust in the future, to meet the owner want to environmental protection decoration effect. The design and color of different brick color white fastens wood grain brick contains dozens of wood grain, wood grain color varied also. In the light color fastens wood grain, white fastens caulking and it has good adaptability, for the owners to bring another contracted temperament. Golden department have to admit that gold is in the owner's status has been high. In the general color is more yellow wood grain brick, gold is most the choice of owner. Popular trend is changing, think appropriate caulking color also will change, as long as you follow your heart, get family approval, you can decorate the belongs to own popular vanes. Filled seam an grout products have ceramic tile on the market nearly 20 kinds of commonly used color caulking, meet owners with caulking all sorts of color is tie-in. In addition, there is also a professional r&d team, to modulate the proprietary custom color, let owner can have more options when choosing caulking, let caulking become the owner of a bright spot in the home.
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