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Ceramic tile and floor compared advantage in where?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
If you go to ask the workers before decorate, decorate should choose ceramic tile or choose the floor in the home, the answer must be strange, 'don't use the floor, use a few years of the drum, ugly dead! '' don't use floor tile, the ground is for the birds do, always dirty MCE, and still very slippery! 'As a novice decorate, see the comments, if you started with? Small make up take you to look at, now on the floor and ceramic tile, how should choose. The floor close to the natural aesthetic, any good foot feeling, anti-skid and convenient construction cost is low; But we turned to look at its disadvantages, first of all affected by the weather and humidity is bigger, easy to deformation, then will release formaldehyde, not suitable for floor heating, life is short. Ceramic tile is easier to clean up, maintenance is simple, green, pollution-free and anti-water, long service life. Ceramic tile rich choice of design and color is diversiform, and can cooperate with floor heating, do not worry about breaking the pipe. Ceramic tile, of course, has its some small shortcomings, such as the construction difficulty is big, easy to hide the black brick joints, but these problems can be easily solved, caulking products was born, it is ceramic tile natural partners. From the caulking agent upgrade of caulking agent products, ceramic tiles in dealing with these small details they have absolute advantages on the issue. Ceramic tile gap filling agent, product variety, color is rich, can meet the demand of the vast majority of the color of ceramic tile, more importantly, caulking products can perfectly solve the black ceramic tile aperture become dirty, bacterium and a series of problems. Caulking after solidification products smooth surface, high resistance to wear, antibacterial mouldproof, easy to clean and green environmental protection, the operation is convenient, especially water porcelain products, a wash namely net, completely finished caulking difficult cleaning of embarrassment. The ceramic tile of choose a right, again tie-in well with caulking construction style of ceramic tile gap filling agent, even if only a few tens of square meters of space, also can decorate a style of their own.
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