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Ceramic tile aperture processing method have?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Before laying ceramic tile, tile teacher would ask, do you want to leave a gap in the late do joint sealant caulking processing. Ceramic tile seam filling agent manufacturer to remind everyone to leave a gap of ceramic tile is a necessary, ceramic tile also needs to 'breathe'. Ceramic tile will consider how to deal with, leave a gap of ceramic tile aperture processing method have? , with the traditional caulking materials traditional caulking materials such as cement and gap filling agent, putty powder, they are more traditional use of materials. Processing method of ceramic tile aperture material price is not high, but basically do not have waterproof effect and scrub resistance, they can use in the region of the often do not contact with water. , caulking product caulking agent is now a new type of caulking material, is gradually replacing caulking agent. Compared to traditional processing method of ceramic tile aperture gap filling agent of caulking material, the price is a bit high, but the waterproof mouldproof performance, composition and more green environmental protection. The rich colors of gap filling agent, the color is more natural and exquisite, the home installs the adornment effect is better. For the processing method of ceramic tile aperture, if domestic outfit's budget is not high, can do it in the bathroom, kitchen, caulking, in the balcony, sitting room do caulking processing. After completion of the ceramic tile laying ceramic tile aperture processing method to hours again, if the gap is not fully dry, not only affects the effect of caulking, also can cause uneven to ceramic tile such problems as loose or fall off.
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