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Ceramic tile caulking agent did ok or not? Caulking acceptance to test!

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Near year many owners are set out for home loading seam, can be moved into the year, New Year new life. Caulking to choose material is important, team is very important, STH over and over again for a long time, finally completed, relieved. Actually, finally there is a vital link, it is ceramic tile seam filling grout acceptance. So how to acceptance, to test the success of the ceramic tile gap filling agent, stop in time, so as to safeguard the rights and interests of the owner? Caulking beautiful not beautiful? Beautiful, is that we do ceramic tile seam filling agent of one of the two reasons. After I finish caulking, beautiful degree of the whole house had improved, is the key to success of caulking. Stand in the middle of the room, feeling is next homes more beautiful, whether grades are not the same; Then scan the whole tour, just get to the aesthetic feeling, without discomfort. Is the first step, the acceptance is the success. Ceramic tile sag and smoothness to reduce wear and enhanced stereo effect, the processing of aperture generally slightly concave and ceramic tile surface. Slightly concave, explain too much, sags too easy to accumulate dust sundry and not easy to clean. So the owner at the time of acceptance, must observe carefully ceramic tile ceramic tile is slightly below the surface of sag, rather than into a very deep. Some owners like caulking and ceramic tile surface flush, it is also a kind of choice. Whether depression treatment or flush, caulking division when doing caulking should ensure the smoothness, namely the caulking is always in the same plane, not a higher low. Allow a small error, of course, must be limited in the range of visible to the naked eye. Material whether change color change color, there are many common is filled seam an agent quality is poor, there is not in the crack under the condition of dry construction. Whether the two cases, which will affect the service life of the caulking. Such as color change Suggestions to larger gap filling construction. In addition, the direct sun, affected by the high intensity ultraviolet (uv) light, white caulking gun material is easy to become yellow, with white fastens is not recommended. Effect is rigid gap too narrow, aperture processing incomplete, caulking materials dosage, not full can lead to less caulking empty drum, thus affect the robustness of the caulking. This is jerry a point. So the owner acceptance time paying special attention to use tool to select some cracks in pressure test. If you do not appear to accelerate, you can pass a barrier. Remaining material cleaning problems carefully observe whether caulking gun edge is neat and caulking material is clean, especially the remnants of caulking cleaning problems, acceptance best please master clean, otherwise for material properties are not very familiar with the owner is hard to clean up. Details don't forget to owner in caulking acceptance, not only pay attention to the surface, do caulking processing is especially important for detail, also want to detail when acceptance of caution: pay attention to ceramic tile and the line that play a base of metope, ceiling, and the convergent, sink and the cohesion of ceramic tile of metope, around the toilet and the cohesion of ceramic tile of these seemingly insignificant details, the details of processing is bad, will affect the overall effect. After the above several aspects of the acceptance of success, a real gap filling in order to be home and dry. Owner to our subjective initiative, with their own critical, inspection results of caulking, safeguard their own interests. If there are minor deficiencies caulking, caulking division can be repaired on the spot, there are major defects must rework processing. Generally choose normal manufacturer production caulking product caulking with professional construction team, caulking gun effect can be inspection by owner, the owner satisfaction. When jay ceramic tile seam filling agent focus on research and development, the control production, set up perfect quality management system, quality guarantee is to give maximum sincerity and support to partners and owner, is also the responsibility of the enterprise; Jie is equipped with professional training system, enterprise or any caulking division only by constantly learning and innovation in order to keep up with the pace of The Times, maintain the core competitive advantage; Jie focus on industry trends, to participate in the industry standard, neat caulking industry, with professional and leading attitude help more partners to grow themselves, better service for the customer; When jay ceramic tile gap filling grout, pay attention to after-sales service, if the product have quality problem, when jay caulking give return. At the same time, in the process of caulking caulking division of difficult problems may at any time consulting headquarters or local service center. 。 。 。 。 。 Jay ceramic tile gap filling agent, as a famous brand, with a lot of caulking cooperation, help countless owner made a and a good caulking, let owner save worry, more let owner at ease and comfort. When jay caulking established purpose is to create value for the partner, create opportunities for employees and create happiness for the family, to add to a harmonious society.
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