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Ceramic tile caulking how to do a good job cleaning

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
Many caulking construction personnel are doing when you accidentally get filled seam an agent to the body, hands, some parts fine ceramic tile, clean up more troublesome. However there are a lot of caulking t don't know how to clear away the gap filling agent, the small make up to today and you talk about how to clean up the caulking agent!

to hand how to remove the

1 with soap, the hand touch water, preliminary decontamination; Then slowly with fine sand paper burnish. Attention must soak hands with soap first, to prevent grinding hand be fine sand paper torn.

2 and put your hands in the water soak for a while, then clean with cleaner slowly. If is clean, hand still have color suggestion with some hydrochloric acid ( Household salt) Look at the effect of the small area try to wash.

3 with alcohol dissolve caulking agent & ndash; — Caulking agent belong to organic matter and alcohol soluble organic matter.

ps: there is no medical alcohol in liquor.

to ceramic tile on how to remove the

1 use hair dryer blowing hot air to the caulking agent, its softening, and then use a sponge or cloth a little bit of erasure. Note: this case, is not recommended to use the shovel eradication, uneven in rooting out easy to scratch when ceramic tile ceramic tile.

2 USES a dedicated caulking agent cleaning agent, it can quickly decompose caulking agent. Stick to clothes on how to remove 1 with ethyl acetate, the common name for banana oil, it can wash corrosive caulking agent.

note: caulking agent after removal, must be repeated please wash your hands with water and clothes, because the smell of the ethyl acetate is very heavy, will remain on the clothes. 2 can blow hot air to soften it to tear, and then clean the residual imprint.

how to stick to the glass clean

1, dip in with dishcloth take cleaner or industrial alcohol, or high concentration alcohol, on the glass with caulking agent repeatedly looped to wipe, slowly cleared.

2 blow strong hot air on the curing of caulking agent and the softening, and then use a sponge or cloth a little bit of erasure.

3, dip in with dishcloth take vinegar, cover on the ceramic tile gap filling agent, after being filled seam an agent completely drenched, slowly with a knife to remove it.

to furniture on how to remove the

1 use hair dryer to soften, then torn off. But note: keep the distance between the blower and annatto cannot too close, annatto will have for a long time of high temperature on damage.

2 with epoxy resin glue caulking help more attention. Caulking market the most used caulking agent is double pipe true porcelain porcelain and water, the composition is given priority to with epoxy resin, with epoxy resin glue solution to suit the remedy to the case, dilute filled seam an agent, and then erased. Taobao has sold.

note: the glue solution is not to encounter annatto, ceramic tile seam filling agent dilute is best with a rag, lest damage the glue solution touch annatto furniture.

caulking agent wherever touch are difficult to handle, but this is not absolute, one home porcelain is filled seam an agent water-based products, water is filled seam an agent soluble in water. One home porcelain water cleaning up is very simple, only with a damp cloth to wipe before there is no cure can remove clean, whatever the transfer can be cleaned, so after found have to be clear in the first place.
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