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Ceramic tile caulking waist line design color style

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Caulking agent small make up today to share with you about ceramic tile caulking waist line design color style. Metope USES only a line, general space arranged above the ground. The location of the m to m, also known as the waist line. Ceramic tile waist position like dress the waist line, is an indispensable ornament. Like fashion popular release, decided to household decorates a style ceramic tile waist line, also has its own trends change. Vertical stick waist line: magic space in the past, the waist line has always been the horizontally. But in this year a lot of adornment, waist line design will break the routine, taking landscape line. Introduce according to professional personage, waist line, relative rank landscape of waist line in line will be more smooth, save material and is more than the horizontally waist line. And in the choice of design decorative pattern, bright, able to bear or endure look, but also has cultural taste or modern landscape waist line, is the best choice. Waist line, elegant and delicate size is consistent, uniform, is the standard requirement of laid ceramic tile. Traditional waist line is a rectangle tiles, in addition to the change of design and color, no other changes in perception, and the design of the small size waist line, gradually appeared in the new product of fashion in recent years. Waist line, can be used with normal waist line, and can be used alone. In the space defending bath of simple but elegant, the emergence of the waist line is exquisite and refined, like a girl's waist belt, not make public, and compelling. Thick waist line, decorative pattern to win with people like exquisite style, like colorful big pattern are also a personalized choices, with large flowers instead of waist line, in addition to the impact of the design and color is more intense, different ways of assembling also can let a person shine at the moment. According to the user's preferences, choose different ceramic tile, make the permutation and combination of art, create a personalized design. Surrounded by four side waist line: the mirror is in addition to the above several kinds of method, waist line and a variety of creative method, along the mirrors around mount, lets have a mirror frames with metope. The feeling of space is more consistent.
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