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Ceramic tile do caulking agent of specific construction process?

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Now, there are many kinds of caulking products on the market, including gap filling agent, ceramic glue, caulking agent, etc. , but for the user is taken into consideration, or suggest caulking agent is used, it is not only the price is reasonable, there are many colors to choose

, construction simple, also can do it yourself, the most important thing is that on purpose is no loss to the other joint sealant products, waterproof mouldproof performance of the oil pollution prevention of falls. Take the well-known brand by state under the gap filling agent,

for everybody science the construction process of caulking agent again.

the first step, whether new or old sewing, with art design knife first dug a 1 mm wide, depth of 0. 8 mm groove, the first time, but also for construction tools, brush, glue guns, pen knife, sponge scraper, etc. ;

the second step is to sweep out the clean up dust and particles, and try to ensure that gap smooth clean and dry, so as not to affect the subsequent construction effect;

the third step, take out the caulking agent, tear off the label on the bottom, stick on the bottle and pull the caulking agent injection glue gun, glue gun hit 20 - filled seam an agent 50 cm, we suggest to use for the first time do not play too long, etc.

skilled in slowly lengthen, than the width of the slit width 1 mm;

the fourth step, with caulking leveling agent, can also use your finger, caulking agent belongs to the green environmental protection product, do not contain any poisonous and harmful substances, can squeeze them;

the fifth step, use a sponge absorbs water content of 50% and clean gap on either side of the gap filling agent, as far as possible before solidification caulking agent, lest wipe out after solidification. ( Sponge to drown themselves; Ensure the sponge

clean; And keep the sponge six face each one wipe only)

step 6, repeat step 345, after completion of all levels, to do vertical line, follow the principle of after the first transverse vertical;

step 7, 24 hours after caulking agent will completely frozen, can normal use.
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