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Ceramic tile do caulking formaldehyde to exceed bid

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
Xuzhou gap filling of the previous period to explain about caulking agent of formaldehyde. Caulking agent ten big brand product quality is guaranteed. But the products on the market a lot of, some friend if he buy inferior filled seam an agent, and the use of inferior, contains formaldehyde caulking agent how to deal with? In general, can remove formaldehyde agents directly spray; If there are adhesive, catalytic decomposition of formaldehyde. Ceramic tile is made of mud slab fire, itself is not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde is generally exists in adhesive, but often want to use in decorating all kinds of modern furniture production, man-made plank, and the adornment of metope ground laid, all want to use glue. Formaldehyde exceeds bid? State, keep ventilated for a long time, also can look for professional testing company, to undertake administrative. , plant to division, placed in the home such as grapefruit skin, orange peel, the fruit such as pineapple, part not only can effectively remove formaldehyde, can also play a role of the fresh air. , adsorption method, the use of the strong adsorption of activated carbon, with porous solid adsorbent treatment gaseous pollutants, make one or several of these components, the molecule or chemical bond force under the action of gravity, the harmful composition in formaldehyde adsorption on solid surface, thus achieve the purpose of separation. So caulking small make up remind everybody, later when buying caulking agent or want to buy some products with quality assurance, if necessary, may at any time to buy caulking.
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