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Ceramic tile gap filling construction after peeling what reason be?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Ceramic tile gap filling construction why peeling phenomenon: if you filled seam an agent on the base is too dry, even for the powder state, its itself will have very strong water imbibition, if again meet caulking layer is thin, often will seriously affect the caulking agent curing effect and caking property, so that the construction surface peeling, fall off. We should be how to remedy after peeling: for 'peeling, recommend to rescue measures, clean, brick joints and use porcelain white caulking agent firstly, then the predetermined color caulking surface construction. Ceramic tile seam filling agent construction generally divided into two types, full and half filled. Full fill construction, ceramic tile aperture is empty, nothing inside, direct to fill our seam an agent; - do you usually do Caulking agent again, and even more times; Cost is doubled. Half fill construction, ceramic tile aperture fill, fill the jointing agent; Use clean stitch out tile marginal ( Used for bonding gap filling agent) ; Depth about. mm; Into a caulking agent. Ceramic tile gap filling will appear what problem? How to handle? Colour than originally white, a white mist. Reason: rainy climate environment humidity is too high; Ceramic tile aperture in the mixed with moisture. The underlying caulking agent containing water without finishing clean. Before treatment countermeasures: caulking construction to dull the ceramic tile aperture; Don't when the humidity is too high for caulking construction, adhere to the indoor dry, cut the moisture in the air; The underlying caulking agent or ceramic tile aperture, clean water. Choose the normal manufacturer production caulking agent products, caulking construction more quality assurance; Recommended construction in sunny day. Falling ceramic tile gap filling agent, such as the drum phenomenon. Reason: caulking construction render with caulking agent is too boring, and even still for powder, itself has a strong water imbibition, if again meet caulking layer is thin, can affect the curing effect of gap filling agent, lead to falling caulking construction appearance. Improper handling of ceramic tile aperture, if there is dust and water in the ceramic tile aperture, can cause caulking agent of adhesive is not strong, lead to fall off. In the process of playing caulking agent, if filled seam an agent does not have the ceramic tile aperture mask in good condition, went in water in daily use, can also lead to fall off. Countermeasures: select good quality caulking agent base; The ceramic tile aperture finishing clean, cannot have dust or water; Choose good caulking agent products. Caulking from the beginning of brand creation, then fill with environmental ceramic tile seam as the goal, after years of experiments and the formula of continuous improvement, has successfully developed the true porcelain series, water porcelain series, elegant porcelain series, water-based epoxy, beauty of edge gap filling product categories such as ceramic tile, products have been strictly tested headquarters, environmental health, quality category variety, colour is gorgeous, and the construction is convenient, anti-fouling properties such as wear-resisting, can fully meet the demand of different decorate a style, so by the majority of caulking division and the owner's consistent high praise.
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