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Ceramic tile gap filling construction how to acceptance?

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Recent ceramic tile gap filling construction master in thinking that you don't get a job? First take some time to reflect on: why don't get a job? Why introduce less? Why don't yield resilience? Why every time about single would be very difficult, every time is forced, by the customer by the nose, even if you have a good proposition also dare not violate the helpless? Caulking master how to disconnect the plight of the above? Ceramic tile gap filling construction how to acceptance?

a: check the construction site

ceramic tile gap filling before starting to communicate with the owner admitted that its address, name, phone, want to the area of construction and the brand product caulking agent, and inform the owner early scale of construction period and construction time, clear the scene as a person and telephone number, Payment, water, noise, locks, construction progress, inspection time, balance payment guarantee, furniture comes into play, such as invoicing, submit) 。

2: ceramic tile aperture to sort out the

new inside the bedroom may be good to do a completely finishing the ceramic tile of the ground, on the existing white cement, gap filling agent, glass, marble glue, glue and dirty black dirty mould gap to complete. Total score three steps: 1. Table clean; 2. Dirt, dust collection; 3. Depth, 4. Surface finishing.

3: what areas be puttinged

ceramic tile gap filling master do uniformity is put, stop the non-working needed something else comes into play, With a cloth mat mat to avoid something unnecessary traces on the ground, the owners looking at will be very easy) 。

4: repair the seam

about the uneven size of aperture and ceramic tile aperture slightly refinement, ceramic tile slicing things now a lot of caulking hand some necessary things, because the shop is stuck process rarely have a very good, how much is still to be repaired. Has to be vacuuming crack-cleaning and clear the table after the cloth to wipe clean. In addition to the tide (late There are no dust, particle, sundries in aperture. And the water vapor) Ceramic tile render/to owner needs to do after, is full fill is still half fill do the preparation before paying.

5: crack maintenance

in view of the varieties of ceramic tile do maintenance differences, wax may stick, crepe paper may do nothing to disturb directly, ready-made maintenance measures, stick to crepe paper and ceramic tile marginal error is not greater than zero. 1 mm, with the blade containment real weaving, paste it don't have any air bubbles gap may be damaged, make the whole process of sealant, effectively prevent unnecessary trouble.

6: glue

the construction method of different brand products the same, the difference, skilled caulking division compared with the ceramic tile gap filling division is more effective, more kua top, mistake a little less, the overall quality is better.

7: the owner inspection

fill according to ceramic tile seam inspection specifications for strict inspection. Have off color, have come unglued, bubbles, white may be peeling solidify, crack appearance smooth particles, no cracking and no residual flow hangs phenomenon appeared, such as slit width 1 to anyway, about the water table closestool marginal, the line that play a base, such as flattering to do more fastidious. Caulking master and be aware of caulking construction have formed in the process of secondary tiles may furniture pollution, brick smearing scratch how to repair and flowers.
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