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Ceramic tile gap filling do fail, also can do this repair

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Caulking home ceramic tile is yourself, not please the master construction, freshly prepared in the past two days, the effect looks really good, glue problems when I was but a shovel, there are several gaps are bulging, in some places and bumpy, and didn't dry places, it is sorrow is broken, almost want to put the ceramic tile to.

please master can only redo, behind is ready in the preparation of ceramic tile, I didn't think the teacher a look at the situation, says this is just a small problem, can solve in a day. I don't believe it, beside looking at master rework, to I, the author analyzes the reasons of these problems. Never thought caulking rework need only two tools, one is the crack-cleaning knife, a heat gun. After this things, I summarized the rework method, to share with you and have a look.

reason for the gap filling problems is two kinds, one kind is gap inside is not clean, there are water stains or dirt, one is a colloid is not full, collapsed. In either case, there are corresponding solution, just want to crack first pick out there is a problem of caulking agent. If didn't cure gap filling agent, can be directly use clean sewing knife will pick out gap filling agent; If the caulking agent has solidified, the first with a heat gun caulking agent soft, sew by qing dao qing come out again. Clean as long as to play on the cracks in the colloid, mending will can, is really very simple.

in order to avoid everyone will appear this kind of problem, the teacher also expressly told do caulking next time before to check the gap exists question, and skills of sealant.

1. Gap is dry, can be in slit into toilet paper, wait 24 hours after picking out again, to see if dry, if paper towels wet soft collapse, inside that wet, water vapor, need gap after drying glue.

2. Cracks can not have dust inside, and a vacuum cleaner with brush to clean up the dust inside, gap on both sides can use towel to wipe, avoid dust affect the adhesion of caulking agent on both sides.

3. Ensure full of sealant, pay attention to the glue guns moving, get enough caulking agent able to enter the gap, seam in pressure at the same time, be sure to clean the seam pressure ball caulking agent, avoid take away too much, cause surface uneven gap filling agent.
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