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Ceramic tile gap filling for owner to solve those problems?

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Caulking momentum good at present, more and more caulking brands caulking market, there are more and more owners know, caulking, and choose to use when decorate caulking. But in the process of use, there are still some owners do caulking holding in the mindset of the crowd, they do not understand caulking and what kind of benefits except for decoration. In fact, caulking, far more than the owner think also many useful. A, add color for owner home decoration this is many of the owners are able to feel one of the role of caulking. Before both caulking gun and single pipe filled seam an agent, are only a few kinds of color. This leads to the ceramic tile in the home owner adornment also is single, see a lot more often think nothing new. And, single color also get in the way to the owner of the decorate plan, let owner when choosing a ceramic tile also is bound. Nowadays, ceramic tile is filled seam an grout already has nearly 20 kinds of caulking, color palette contains based color such as black, white, gold, grey, let owner don't have to fill in decorating a process of crack to choose ceramic tile, owner decorate a style to have more change, more can reflect ego individual character. Caulking not only has the common colors available in the market, also in research and development team to allocate the other color is custom color. Caulking custom color have blue, brown, copper and other color is, the response now decorate varied color change, let the caulking can also keep up with the fashion trend of owner, add a decorative window for owner home. 2, daily cleaning more manageable ever caulking grout with the passage of time, then there will be a fall, fall off, the phenomenon of black. When caulking grout surface become dirty, the owner in a clean to use legendary weapons of China as before, when it in the gap scrubbing, still can not let them to restore the original appearance. In this case, the caulking and not caulking then there is no difference. If you use the product caulking, it passes through formula improvement, has been able to resist the erosion of dust, dirt and stains in general. Even if the surface has a layer of dirty black stains, the owner as long as the gap of daily mop the floor can clean the stain. This compared with detailed seam cleaning before is much simple, energy saving. And can also prevent the owner to bend over, squat down for a long period of time, to protect the elderly owner's spine. Caulking products have the characteristics of resistance to alkali anti-fouling, easy to scrub. Owners don't have to focus on cleaning and caulking products deliberately when clean, simply wipe incidentally when clean ceramic tile aperture. After wiping, caulking can restore to the previous luster. In addition, caulking products don't have to use strong acid alkali cleaner to clean up, they will lose caulking must be active. Three, strong flexibility, protect the ceramic tile ceramic tile is affected by the outside temperature, will be carried out in a certain degree of heat bilges cold shrink. Therefore, when laying bricks, tiles, his master will set aside a certain gap for ceramic tile heat bilges cold shrink, caulking products is to fill the gap. Due to the existing generally in the home have air conditioning, floor heating, refrigeration and heating equipment to stop working on these, indoor and outdoor temperature difference will gradually increase, heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon between ceramic tile also is met a lot of more intense, BengCi occur very easily. Caulking products after curing, firmly adsorbed on ceramic tile aperture on both sides. High temperature heat occurs when ceramic tile, caulking will become the patron saint of ceramic tile, by its own wrapped in flexibility will come from the impact strength of ceramic tile, prevent collision on both sides of the tile. When temperature is too low when the cold ceramic tile, caulking will be stretched out, and firmly adsorbed on both sides of the aperture at the same time, let oneself will not crack, peeling phenomenon. Caulking products after years of modified formula, using high temperature resistance to cold ratio of raw materials for scientific, caulking products can adapt to the northeast sub-zero temperatures, high temperature and high wet tropical climate can also adapt to the south. Caulking products also have better flexibility, make construction under low temperature high temperature weather, shovel remaining material can maintain a certain flexibility and convenience of caulking construction. Four, moistureproof antibacterial away from bacteria in the process of people's lives, if space exists some gap, in the long run will be hidden in the gap of various materials such as dust, dander. These substances is one of the main food of bacteria, dust mites such microbes, these long-term not naturally became their attention to the corner of heaven. If not handled in time, resistance to poor old man, children are likely to become infected with bacteria that cause some allergic phenomenon. After the caulking construction, the gap was full filled with caulking, these is not easy to clean up the health corner will not exist. In life, if not carefully to water, soft drinks, coffee and other fell to the ground and don't worry, caulking is completely waterproof, won't they permeate deep cracks, blocking the moisture with whiskering. Caulking products moistureproof antibacterial, can resist bacteria commonly, water damage, such as oil, let owner home keep clean and tidy environment. Caulking doesn't use in the process of production to add the harmful material such as formaldehyde, nonylphenol, protect the health of the owner. Caulking year founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong, the company's main real porcelain, porcelain water, waterborne epoxy, the four categories of edge gap filling products. Products rich colors, bright and beautiful, antibacterial, antifouling crack resistance to alkali, is one of the owner a good option for environmental protection decoration.
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