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Ceramic tile gap filling is what problem cause quality problems?

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
Ceramic tile gap filling construction have some of the considerations need to remember, caulking construction is really a delicate work, many details is must be noticed. Some families after doing the caulking found will appear some problems of rub off, fall off, so cause a lot of people for caulking lost confidence, actually there are some reasons for these problems are, the following is to introduce for everybody caulking why quality problem:

1, the improper handling of ceramic tile aperture, local not covered lead to

in the construction process, first of all, we sort out caulking agent part in gap filling agent, in the construction process of ceramic tile gap filling agent, ceramic tile aperture if not smooth, with dust, there is water, it will lead to gap filling agent and caulking agent combined with weak lead to fall off.

2, improper construction quality problems lead to

in the construction, deal with gap, we in the process of playing gap filling agent, caulking agent did not cover full of ceramic tile aperture, can go in water in daily use, such circumstances, also can appear peeling, fall off, and so on and so forth.

3, caulking agent color fading is what

ceramic tile is filled seam an agent this product whether venture industry, decoration industry, and is the darling of the market for ceramic tile sellers, all packaging with gap filling agent, someone will go to buy, this will lead to a lot of fish in troubled waters manufacturer involved, the pursuit of profit space of the manufacturer is poor, not reduce the cost of quality, lead to some low dye, not even some environmental protection products to participate, however these products sticky relay is not strong also can appear fall off phenomenon such as peeling, this will lead to fall off, we in the later use when rub off and smells great.

4, why the pungent smell of caulking agent cause headaches

caulking agent of raw materials is a dye and a small number of resin, pungent smell great, and because of resin, produced by environmental protection resin market price is very expensive, small factories in order to reduce cost with some very cheap chemical resin price, fill in ceramic tile seam an agent after it is exposed to air will appear to send the process of stimulating smell, some even will appear giddy.
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