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Ceramic tile gap filling it is necessary to do? Need to pay attention to?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
In interior decoration design, everyone will use to decorate the floor, ceramic tile ceramic tile because of price material benefit, but also beautify the role of the ground, and was deeply loved by the masses of the owner. There is a lot to decorating is not very understanding person will have doubt, ceramic tile gap filling good or not to be? Don't know how to choose? 【 The advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tile caulking 】 (1) the advantages of ceramic tile gap filling a, ceramic tile gap filling process can enhance the overall decoration effect, caulking grout itself has rich colour can make the ceramic tile or the visual effect of metope becomes rich and colorful, compared with white cement and color filled seam an agent, has the very good adornment sex. B, ceramic tile with gap filling agent, has the penetration resistance, waterproof and wear-resisting function. In use process, ceramic tile aperture is not easy to turn black, but also has the very good self-cleaning, is not easy to shelter evil people and practices, convenient cleaning. C, dust and dirt in gaps can be washed together with ceramic tile, can avoid the harmful material such as bacteria or mold, so as to improve the safety of the household life quality. D, in the process of ceramic tile gap filling, the materials used is made up of new polymer materials and a variety of high-grade paint and all kinds of special additives produced by mixing, does not contain toxic substances such as benzene, toluene and xylene, harmless to the human body. (2) the shortcoming of ceramic tile gap filling a, can only work on ceramic tile surface, and for the hardness of ceramic tile internal no protection. In addition, after its fixed, is likely to produce contraction collapse phenomenon. B, construction technology and the demand is higher, each process needs to be done in accordance with the provisions of the standard, otherwise cannot achieve good waterproof and resistance to penetration. 【 Ceramic tile caulking precautions 】 1. Choose the right caulking materials commonly used caulking materials are: white cement, putty powder, caulking gun and so on. These materials, white cement and putty powder is one of the traditional caulking material, but these two kinds of materials on the performance. Often, in a short period of time worked well, but over time will appear fall off, leaking aperture, and so on and so forth. Moreover, white cement and putty powder, waterproof performance is poor, resulting in damp places. Brick joints especially easy to black, moldy. Special ceramic tile gap filling grout is decorated in the family is used in more and more. Caulking grout is designed for ceramic tile gap filling material, it has not fade, no mildew, crack resistance, wear resistance and other advantages. (2) the caulking process do a different tile, their respective caulking process is slightly different. In general, for the ceramic tile of bo changes a brick, brick surface smoothness high type, use large number of rubber spatula, caulking compaction. For surface relatively coarse archaize brick tile types, if still use large batch of scraping, brick surface easy and not easy to remove residual gap filling agent, selection is therefore more suitable for feeding stitch construction. (3) gap filling time hours after completion of ceramic tile in the shop is stuck, can for caulking. This is because after ceramic tile shop is stuck, still not strong enough, one thousand careless caulking, may lead to ceramic tile move, etc. In addition, early caulking, also easy FanJian caulking gun. The early stage of the construction is decorated with ceramic tile, easy to get dirty. So at last put caulking decorate relatively appropriate. Before paying, of course, need to ceramic tile aperture debris to clean up the inside of the dust. Above is caulking small make up to introduce the advantages and disadvantages about ceramic tile seam filling and caulking considerations for the ceramic tile, hope I can help to you!
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