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Ceramic tile gap filling matters needing attention in summer

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
In the summer, the weather is getting hot, the rain more and more, this time do caulking can? What are the matters need to be aware of?

summer decoration, is a lot of families are willing to choose a season. If you choose to decorate material, can achieve their own satisfaction, by caulking agent caulking, again after construction can use more long time. When decorate, want to through the caulking construction, make ceramic tile use fixed number of year longer,, let oneself more satisfied the effect, so choose summer for caulking agent construction.

though, caulking agent under the high temperature drying is faster, but the summer temperature is too high, so there are some matters need to pay attention to during construction. Beauty on construction, first with a damp sponge to wipe on both sides of ceramic tile aperture, is helpful to reduce ground temperature and thus prolong the drying time, so as not to slip. In addition, for beginners, the ceramic tile gap filling, don't play too long at a time gap filling agent, every time 20 & ndash; After 30 cm for processing, in order to avoid dry handle hard.

so, summer is a good time of caulking, as long as it is to choose a good product, professional construction team, construction after the ceramic tile can let oneself the home looks more beautiful, more highlights the value of it!
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