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Ceramic tile gap filling out how acceptance gap filling effect?

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Ceramic tile seam filling agent into the gap before is gelatinous, wait for after precipitation using scraper for iron, wait for curing, caulking is finished. But we need to confirm whether caulking successfully done, in order to avoid subsequent found the problem need to rework. Many people may not know how to gap filling effect is successful, think that as long as after curing, caulking is ready. Actually determine whether caulking make successful, have certain skills and methods, caulking small make up there are two main: a look at the two touch. One, 'a look' at the time of check if ceramic tile gap filling well, should be along the crack a a look, see if the caulking agent inside smooth level off. The cross of gap junctions, in particular, it is easy to make it the appearance of uneven, this is when the seam pressure didn't press well. Breakout will occur in the gap, inlet or outlet has a knot in one's phenomenon, this is error resulted from the glue. Do successful caulking surface must be smooth, feels no bumps, no defects. Second, some the color of the 'touch' gap filling agent, it is hard to see whether level off, can use finger to touch at this moment. People's sense of touch is also very sensitive, where some Angle or the bulge of Yin and Yang, with the hand touch is know to have a breakout, is smooth or not. But some caulking after curing agent won't flush with ceramic tile, slightly concave down, this can only be used to check the eyes. Hand over another advantage, can check to see if the gap filling agent has been completely dry. Caulking agent cured very hard, and some will be tough, but touch hands you can feel difference between curing and curing. Caulking called caulking, because can beautify the aperture, the uneven width different, gap look good. When ceramic tile gap filling must pay attention to details, don't take it for granted that can rework, rework is very troublesome, hope everybody can do it well at once.
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