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Ceramic tile gap filling what are the products? How should choose?

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
There's plenty for caulking of products on the market, some products are upgraded by gap filling agent, some products also do not have new idea. What the gap filling product characteristics, how should choose the right product? With ceramic tile gap filling agent today to look at. A, caulking agent caulking agent is the most common and most of the gap is filled seam an agent used in. Caulking agent with white cement as the main material, is a kind of present state of powder products. When using, caulking agent need to add water mixture, wait to mix reoccupy scraper construction. Caulking agent scraper can only fill in the gap, simple easy to operate, more hard after dry. Drab white is just the limitations of choice, and waterproof mouldproof, it's easy to get dirty, it's difficult to clean, and the material can't to do the most in the ceramic tile of toilet and kitchen. Second, caulking agent caulking agent is filled seam an agent of upgrades, but different from the dry powder material, belongs to a half liquid material. And caulking agent is divided into water-based caulking agent and oily gap filling agent, can meet the needs of different decoration. Caulking agent has a variety of colors and very luster, smooth surface, is still very hard after curing, waterproof, non-stick ash the same dirty, it is convenient to clean. Just filled seam an agent construction very troublesome, need to use glue gun, glue, demanding the construction environment, the need to clean, dry crack, there can be no water. Three, beauty line beauty line is that we often say, edge banding is a kind of commonly used where the line that play a base material, have the effect of protection, decoration and beautification. The edge material has a variety of materials, PVC and ABS are so common, the material is light. Will play on the aperture is clean, special glue with beautiful line, smooth surface brightness is good, also easy to clean. But the line has certain disadvantages, can't fully closed the gap, the exposed to the air place easy to fall off. Four, epoxy color sand epoxy color sand is a kind of similar to caulking agent products, main material by epoxy resin, quartz sand and high-grade paint. Usage and caulking agent the same, the material mix but not water, construction method and gap filling agent, surface excess color sand directly wipe off with clear water. Epoxy sand texture is very hard, grind arenaceous feeling looks very atmosphere, but time is limited, construction curing quickly, must be within the stipulated time. The different products have their own advantages and disadvantages, the owner can choose according to his be fond of, there is always a suitable for your product. If you want to learn more, please contact us!
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