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Ceramic tile gap filling, when is the best time to do? Need to pay attention to what?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Caulking is indispensable exquisite decoration is more and more now, ceramic tile, ceramic tile seam filling agent what time to do more appropriate? Need to pay attention to what? If only do floor tile of wall of engineering, didn't do, other advice in half a month to a month later, check no empty drum ceramic tile, cracking needs maintenance. Start to do caulking. At the same time, the line that play a base construction is finished, the door installed. Kitchen, toilet caulking, when is the best time to do? Do caulking process: first, after install condole top, cabinets, sanitary ware, etc. Reason: as kitchen, toilet wall ceramic tile, these two places after the tile is the ceiling, ceiling will pin part of ceramic tile, first completes the caulking, condole top pin brick where there won't be missed; If you do condole top, so do caulking, junction construction is bad, not beautiful. Kitchen and toilet is a reason. Caulking sitting room dining-room, bedroom, when is the best time to do? Process: first blow be bored with child, brush emulsioni paint, caulking installation of wooden door is doing. Reason: the sitting room dining-room wall of the bedroom, or paint, or paper, or other material, in addition, and installation of wooden door and so on, these projects will produce dust, caulking, so can't do first after all finished, ready to clean, then fill in the construction joints. Then, after finish whole, clean a lot of. Stick good construction in general a week after ceramic tile ceramic tile gap filling time is a must in ceramic tile stick after a week, even longer time, the specific time he will see ceramic tile adhesive is cement dry degree, to wait for after its are fully dry for caulking construction, otherwise it is easy to appear empty drum phenomenon, ceramic tile gap filling agent will be affected with damp be affected with damp, effect, or even appear white, fall off, rework as needed. Move in if you have any furniture items such as indoor furniture before construction, also need to put these things moving again, will increase the difficulty of caulking construction, so it is best in front of the furniture is moved to do caulking construction. Good to brush paint or wallpaper construction such as sitting room, balcony area after metope is decorated commonly emulsioni paint or wall paper, these places will produce a lot of construction garbage decorate, it is difficult to do the cleaning, so stay the caulking construction work is done. Before install condole top or ambry construction if do these functional areas of toilet and kitchen ceramic tile gap filling, so considering the wall installation of cabinets and appliances, etc. , after the installation is difficult construction, and make joint is not beautiful, so I need before installing the ceiling or ambry caulking will do a good job first.
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