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Ceramic tile is environmentally caulking agent will affect health?

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
In recent years, with the development of caulking agent in the market, full of beautiful things in eyes of caulking agent brand on the market, consumers do not know how to choose. Both afraid caulking agent can solve the problem of dirty black ceramic tile, 2 it is to fill in what is the composition of seam an agent, whether or not environmental protection, is harmful to the body.

there is no doubt that gap filling agent in growing demand in the market, in the ensuing is filled seam an agent production plants growing. Many small manufacturer just to seek short-term interests, does not pay attention to the quality of the product, more does not pay attention to the product healthy environmental protection. When choosing caulking agent products, therefore, must choose those the same big brands such as gap filling agent, guaranteed, reliable.

polymer filled seam an agent is mainly composed of high-tech content and high grade pigments and special additives with fine, rich colors, bright color, and with gold, silver, pearl color, stainless steel color, suitable for match with various color of ceramic tile; Surface of high strength, good toughness, its surface is bright and clean, and easy to scrub, convenient and clean, prevent water moisture, avoid health dead Angle, can maintain the original color, permanent and not pollution when construction ceramic tile; Use the most caulking agent cost. After & other; Throughout the national monitoring center & materials; Issue the test report, accord with national & other; GB18583 - 2008' Standard, environmental protection, absolutely will not endanger human body health.

caulking agent after solidification smooth surface, such as porcelain, easy to clean, wipe clean, can swab with ceramic tile, shelter evil people and practices easily, avoid gap bacterium endanger human body health.
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