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Ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, is a person alone?

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
When step into caulking industry, all the caulking division besides construction will have a question. It is ceramic tile gap filling is a person to do? Or need a team to do? In decorating a building materials industry, the general construction project is teamwork. Ceramic tile seam filling agent as one of the less fee a physical link, do alone. On the issue of the individual or team, as one of the leader of caulking, have enough record to answer for the caulking division. , construction time into consideration as ceramic tile gap filling agent, remove the material problem, caulking architect want to profit way is more orders. Want to order more, so the construction efficiency is necessarily important. Generally a skilled caulking seam from qing dynasty to the glue, is about to take a morning time. So from time to consider, a caulking division can only do two or three families from morning till night normal family owners. And a team of caulking, can have a special person to do a specific process, also can open regional division of labor cooperation. The construction of more than one person can greatly reduce the construction time, even the number of teams more teams, there can be multiple teams in different areas of the construction. So the end of the day, can make more units according to the number of different ceramic tile seam filling agent. From the time of construction, team is obviously more reasonable arrange time, arrange caulking number and construction personnel arrangement. Second, the construction efficiency is need time to focus a meticulous work, especially the crack-cleaning and glue and careless slightly, is likely to lead to the construction of rework result. And a normal adult attention is limited, and inattention is things come when you least expect them to caulking themselves often don't realize that. So, a person construction, in addition to the qualifications very sophisticated caulking division, general new caulking division is likely to produce all sorts of problems. And many people group construction, not only in construction can remind each other, each other and can a person average workload greatly reduced, let a person the most sufficient energy to complete their own a small piece of area of the ceramic tile gap filling agent or ceramic tile seam filling agent steps. More people focus on complete perfect ceramic tile gap filling, rework rate will be a lot less than a person. For new caulking division, have a good community with caulking gun construction, can also be less detours, learning predecessors' experience of caulking, and eventually complete a perfect caulking. So, from the point of construction efficiency, the construction of teamwork and cooperation model clearly able to complete more perfect ceramic tile gap filling. Team construction mode is new caulking division into ceramic tile seam filling agent industry a better model. Three, ceramic tile seam filling agent reputation form owner's high praise degree and caulking 'rate is an important factor. Ceramic tile seam filling agent as a member in the field of building materials, a region of word of mouth shape is very important to the development of later. Good word of mouth can increase the rate of the owner's turn to introduce, turn to introduce rate increase means caulking division in the local market for caulking has improved. And word of mouth shape is fill in every owner of ceramic tile seam an grout, from every little bit of set up. Caulking construction of the individual, even if the owner's high praise degree is high, but due to the low efficiency of construction, to the owner as the main channel of the development of the turn rate, introduce the propagation speed slower rate. So, word of mouth in the local of caulking division will need to devote more energy to complete, if it is nonlocal caulking, you might want to spend more time to belong to an own competitiveness. The caulking construction of group of efficiency to obtain enhances greatly, also come into contact with the owner caulking construction much more than individual. So many people in the community can accumulate more and more the owers, naturally and more the owers is in this area the formation of ceramic tile caulking word of mouth. So, from the formation of word of mouth, caulking division of regional competitiveness in the local. Obviously, groups of caulking construction, relying on excellent construction efficiency, can locally as soon as possible to form a good reputation, can quickly produce certain regional competitiveness. In v, caulking, especially new caulking, become a team for the construction, development of caulking naturally than personal development to some easy and fast. So, caulking appealed to you, from the perspective of the long-term development of the construction of the team is better than individual ceramic tile gap filling grout. Now also in personal construction of caulking division also need not worry, join the caulking division is also joined a large family. Start the caulking division plan at the beginning of this year, so far, has been more than a second-tier cities across the country signed within multiple caulking division team. Join the caulking division, there will be a comprehensive system of training, let talk about single caulking division and construction of more professional. At the same time, will also have a set of standard construction process, convenient caulking t control his own construction make up the shortfall, make construction service more diligence. In addition to the training, also to have a certain degree of caulking external packing. Unified uniform, unified body advertising, unified toolbox, every material contain logo, let owner in the first place in deepen the impression of the brand. And now, the brand in the fourth stage of the training registration is hot on! This training will include professional knowledge, marketing knowledge, and a super professional skills gap filling agent, dry goods, as well as some special teaching methods and the construction practice, is the vast number of new caulking division and sophisticated caulking are worth listening course! Ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, one heart one, caulking do to all our clients the best service.
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