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Ceramic tile laying has exquisite seam caulking

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
Ceramic tile laying, attention should be paid to good seam. Adjust the size of the gaps in the middle of ceramic tile, ceramic tile gaps between uniform, neat helps make ceramic tile laying in beauty. Reserve expansion joints in the wall prolapse, at the same time can also avoid because waiting on bottom wall brick wall brick extruding appear empty drum wall brick, fall off.

there are some so-called seamless, ceramic tile is unreliable. Ceramic tile seam, but not to deal with the issue of ceramic tile specification is not the whole, and the most main is reserved for heat bilges cold shrink. Before, maybe you have heard of seamless steel tube. Now there is some speculation about seamless ceramic tile. Aside from decoration, to see will know that from a physical point of view, which in theory is said is not the past: seamless steel tube of outward expansion is overall 360 degrees, so will not crack. And most of the ceramic tile in a relatively closed space construction, metope, for example, generally around and the following sections must have fixed closed wall and the ground, if ceramic tile seamless processing in construction, then expands, where its elongation? Obviously, a premise to achieve seamless ceramic tile is tile heat bilges cold shrink rate is zero. We know that this possibility is zero. So forcibly seamless processing what are the consequences? Ceramic tile can't heat bilges cold shrink down walls, because its power of bonding strength can't be greater than the push on the back wall. It is only one: ceramic tile arch.

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