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Ceramic tile of toilet those tips

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
When it comes to toilet decorates, owners tend to choose is given priority to with ceramic tile. Modern ceramic tile waterproof non-slip, solid and durable, very suitable for the toilet damp environment for a long time. But ceramic tile is good, but there are also some tips when decorate, mastered these, toilet is ceramic tile can more fully play its characteristics, the owner's life in the future will also ease many. Bathroom tile choice of tip: choose to prevent slippery brick inside toilet often damp and water all year round, and the friction of the ground will be affected by a certain, owner walk on inside toilet also is in danger of slipping. So when choosing a ceramic tile, need to choose some relatively coarse ceramic tile surface, to increase its friction. So in ceramic tile is wet by water, the owners at the foot of the friction force is sufficient to support the owner of the action. In general, there are many types of prevent slippery brick archaize brick as the main selection object. Archaize brick surface feel rough, decorative pattern color is rich, suitable for all kinds of toilet decorate a style of decoration. In addition, there are also some small family toilet, choose to use Mosaic tiles decorated, some glaze the surface of the Mosaic also coarse, and it's smaller particles, the owner on the surface of the holding power will increase many, non-slip performance is better also. Toilet tiles acceptance tip: knock acceptance in subsequent prior to the start of a few adornment, guarantee the stability of ceramic tile is very necessary. If there is an empty drum ceramic tile phenomenon, in the later use, not only the wall brick may appear fall off phenomenon, floor tile is also likely to be cracking. Late if the owner want to add some accessories for toilet metope make hole, empty drum may even lead to fracture ceramic tile, produce certain danger. Though empty drum to the owner in the future life threat, but on the surface of the owner at the time of acceptance is look not to come out, so the owner will need a small tool to cooperate with ceramic tile acceptance work, the gadget is a small hammer. General ceramic tile and wall adhesion is also need a certain amount of time, suggest the owner in ceramic tile to dry fully before empty drum ceramic tile inspection, in order to prevent the owners' acceptance of the ceramic tile adhesive instability fall off and not fall off the empty drum. During tapping, remember to pieces carefully, to place of ceramic tile of the four corners, and pay attention to the places where specially crisp voice, if you have, then this is empty drum ceramic tile, need to be in the shop is stuck. Toilet tiles decorated tips: use the waist line due to the toilet all mostly using a single color of ceramic tile decoration, if the color of soft outfit is not abundant, decorate results may look after there will be some drab, the ceramic tile of toilet commonly so you can also select the shop is stuck between some waist line was modified. Waist line of design and color is rich variety, production technology mature, the owner can usually pick up their favorite colors style. When the shop is stuck waist line, the owner must pay attention to the waist line decoration needs at the same level, will not be able to high and low, not to become a coherent line. In addition, through the waist line range, not too many other furniture decoration, block holds off waist line, so the adornment of the waist line value will be much smaller. Moreover, the height of the waist line do not too high, waist height should be with the owner about family average position generally flat. If you want the waist line inside toilet adornment sex is stronger, can do it in dry and wet area differentiation of different waist line, used to emphasize the different function areas. In addition, you can also use Mosaic brick to do an waist line enhancement for local adornment, rich toilet adornment effect. Toilet tiles decorated tips: use caulking in addition to the waist line, caulking also is to let one of toilet decorate color decoration. Inside toilet is in a state of moisture for a long time, the shop is stuck between ceramic tile aperture will because of all kinds of domestic water and pick up all kinds of water damage, soap stains, dirt and stains of the protein, phosphorus became a hotbed of bacteria, mold, lead to black ceramic tile aperture moldy. After using the caulking products, ceramic tile aperture can rely on caulking forming a protective layer, let all kinds of stains cannot enter inside of ceramic tile aperture, so that the mold can't grow bacteria. At the same time, caulking products have all kinds of color, let have a waist line decoration owner, in ceramic tile color and color balance is reached between the waist line; That only the owner of ceramic tile decoration, interior decoration is more rich and colorful, improve indoor decorate grade. Due to the gap filling market is not fully mature, owner when choosing caulking products, be sure to select qualified of caulking brand, such as caulking, when jay caulking caulking products such as the international group. Seize the above details, small space toilet can also fill in ceramic tile, waist line, seam under the action of the triple, become a highlight in the decoration. Owner of enjoying the beautiful scene at the same time, also can pay attention to their quality of life, enjoy the green healthy life. 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