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Ceramic tile seam caulking play considerations include what respect?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Ceramic tile seam caulking agent to play, in addition to the human reason, the stand or fall of glue gun is one of the factors, which affect the effect. But there is something wrong with the quality of glue guns can cause caulking agent not stem, fall off, even the emergence of problems, such as tube blasting harm none. So caulking teacher to choose and buy good quality glue guns, ferial should also be fit for the glue guns to do regular cleaning, maintenance, in order to prolong the service life of the glue gun. General common ceramic tile gap filling is straight line, can play a distance across the line first, and then the longitudinal play; Also can follow after the first vertical cross construction principle; According to certain order to chaos is not recommended construction; As far as possible in the seam after skilled construction, avoid the intermittent, potholes. Cross stitch seams for mastering the shoes, not only ensure the full uniform of aperture, and try to reduce the waste due to alternate construction. Cross crack seam pressure processing is particularly important, radiation pressure along the center to the periphery seam, can be more uneven pressure twice. Cross aperture processing is the test of caulking craft key nodes, the processing of the interface must be natural smooth, like nature itself. A material played again to rest as far as possible, if the rest more than minutes, mixing tube products began to solidify, cannot use. At this point can be preserved together with the mixing tube directly, wait until the next construction, tube can directly replace mixing raw material. Ceramic tile gap filling construction don't save and deliberately reduce dosage, recommend every time into the caulking agent than mm, on the surface of the ceramic tile seam pressure. Discharge gap filling agent need to function in the mouth, with the size of the feeding mouth tilt will have an effect on the capacity, so the material mouth cutting is very important. Generally along the top rubber mouth with a knife cut into degrees, the width of the feeding mouth width slightly smaller than brick, uniform flow, to ensure product quality.
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