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Ceramic tile seam caulking with deeper brick how to handle?

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Perhaps some friends noticed that before jointing with white cement, they just sew brick with a broom sweep, simple clear up pointing directly. Lead to the late jointing agent can occur easily fall off, gap will leak out. So both caulking and jointing, the aperture processing problem is important.

aperture processing, now has a special kind of small aperture processing cutting tool, if we are to deal with the gap, no special little tool, can use a hacksaw blade, the blade to break off the broken, the saw blade gap within all residual adhesive cement mortar and so on other miscellaneous loose and sort out the clutter can sort out it directly, not to be able to sort out, also ensure that he is active.

according to the steps above sew deeper brick after processed, the second step, we can use the power of the vacuum cleaner to the brick joints, the cracks of sundry use a vacuum cleaner to suck out, so it is easy to put some of the cleaning is very clean, because we saw blade with it above, that stuff is in loose status, the light was clean.

there are some people use the method of water can also actually, in our subsidies after solidification, the ceramic tile, at this point is not afraid of water. When we pick up a soft water tube from the water pipe, directly with tap water to flush brick joints is also no problem, I only need to pay attention to from one side to the other side of the flushing, the result is good.

ceramic tile the floor tile of caulking construction the deeper of the cracks in the cleaning up, we can according to the above steps to operate, can be certain of the ceramic tile aperture cleaning cleaning is very clean, will not affect our future gap filling effect.
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