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Ceramic tile seam filling agent after construction color how to prevent?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Appropriate remind owner caulking construction is not complete, to the service life of caulking, caulking division before the construction or construction after remember to remind the owner of some knowledge of maintenance. Due to the nature of caulking antifouling moistureproof, when clean with cloth and gently wipe besmirch can clean, do not need to use wire ball tools such as friction. Caulking belongs to chemical products, with strong acid alkali cleaner will produce chemical reaction, resulting in caulking discoloration, remind owner in clean at ordinary times when it is best to use a neutral detergent to clean up. To choose the appropriate time caulking construction division when choosing construction time, as far as possible with the owner to discuss on fine time for construction, try to refuse to construction in the continuous wet weather. If the owners have the demand on time, when construction needs to take special dryers, or let owner before caulking construction with air conditioning heating and maintain indoor dry, caulking division during construction again to confirm whether the ceramic tile aperture dry finish. Note around construction environment, in order to prevent outside interference to indoor environment, needs to be indoor all the Windows are sealed, so can effectively prevent the water vapor enter indoor, outdoor and avoid outdoor dust impurities such as to fill sewn not cured. Light humid areas, such as toilet when qing seam must be from a crack in multiple pen knife deep cracks, check to see if gap inside is completely dry. Make sure indoor and the gap between the gap filling construction standard after caulking. Caulking materials be affected with damp be affected with damp caulking products currently on the market is a two-component, its main composition is epoxy resin, polymer additives, curing grout, pigments. In the process of play materials, caulking products actually have a mixed materials of chemical reaction process. In chemical reaction, if the moisture in the air is too high, will affect gap filling the mix of products, leading to make caulking have off color, color, etc. At the same time, the joint product of epoxy resin and curing grout in the oxygen molecules and aquaculture biochemistry reaction easily, so that the gap filling product color, general performance for caulking darker color, white. There are two kinds of high moisture in the air of the general situation. The first is affected by the weather outside constant rainy day will lead to the increase of humidity in the air, and will require a window ventilated at the early stage of the decoration, so the moisture also can through the window into the interior, causes high indoor humidity is full of water. The second is indoor, toilet, balcony and so on need to do the waterproof layer of space, after each construction needs to raise water this step, so these areas are generally damp, if you don't check carefully ahead of caulking grout discoloration caused by indoor damp easily. Master these skills, caulking division in construction can avoid caulking discoloration. Proper communication with the owner, the owner can also understand caulking discoloration problem, completes the maintenance of caulking, prolong the service life of caulking. Caulking year founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong, at the beginning of open caulking t a new mode of business cooperation. Has signed above all, caulking, successfully held the caulking teacher training, help more caulking division to complete their entrepreneurial dreams. Caulking teacher training in all pass before mount guard, dressing, equipped with perfect, the standard process, the normal construction, attention to detail, perfect after-sale. Its professional and normative let owner more at ease.
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