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Ceramic tile seam filling agent brand is numerous, options need to be careful!

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
Ceramic tile seam filling agent brand is numerous, options need to be careful!

increase gradually of people's demand for residential environment prompted more and more high to the requirement of home decoration, we decorate value is not only beautiful, green, health, environmental protection. And traditional ceramic tile and ceramic tile seam hard clean, influence people to beautiful requirements; Not only such, ceramic tile seam also hide a lot of dirty black substance, is difficult to clean up all the year round, so that bacteria in breeding, diffusion, and it is not accord with the requirement of people to green, health, environmental protection.

caulking agent is composed of inorganic material and low pigment. Caulking grout solved the problem of the ceramic tile seam dirty black temporarily, but time is long will appear the phenomenon of powder, and particularly when touching water is not easy to dry, especially in the bathroom often used in the wet state. In the kitchen when using effect is not very good, because pinches of caulking agent will become dirty black, it is difficult to clean.

in order to solve such a series of problem, caulking agent was born! is filled seam an agent upgrade products, made from a variety of polymers and high-grade paint, waterproof, prevent oil, no stain, no dirty black, easy to clean, bright, such as the characteristics of the porcelain. Perfect solved the caulking agent of a series of problems.

since caulking agent just listed, are popular with people. So many companies began to be filled seam an grout, this product also have sprung up in recent years a lot of the filled seam an agent of the brand. So people in choosing a gap filling agent, the edition, often don't know what to choose a product. Small make up here to share with you today about how to choose the caulking agent identification.
first, learn to recognize if the certification and green brand logo is true.
because people now buy caulking agent pay attention to environmental protection, so a lot of no certification of manufacturer is stealing certification trademark, also put a green brand. When people buy must be more than a mind's eye, the authenticity of identification certificate.
second, whether caulking agent is sticky.
good caulking agent as strong cohesiveness, so there will be a sticky phenomenon, and too thin seam filling agent is not very good caking property, also won't have excellent bonding effect, suggests that people don't choose too loose caulking agent.
third, smell filled seam an agent is a stimulating odour.
caulking agent should be green environmental protection, do not contain harmful gas, if from the bottle of caulking agent, smell a smell of gas, then the gap filling agent is not green, environmental protection, pollution-free filled seam an agent, you also don't buy.

everybody when choosing caulking gun must pay attention to these three points, polish eyes! Choose real & other; Green, health, environmental protection & throughout; !

as more and more people choose this new kind of ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, caulking agent will be pulling an outfit the effectives of market consumption, the popularity of caulking agent so ceramic tile is the inevitable trend in the future development of ceramic tile decoration.

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