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Ceramic tile seam filling agent choose wrong, pound-foolish, teach you how to identify caulking agent

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
We decorate in the family in, there may be many families after laying ceramic tile can do caulking, but also have some exquisite caulking, and choose better caulking agent can, if optional seam an agent choose wrong, may be filled seam an agent hardness is not enough, or the gloss is not good, then you may regret it, so first come to know in advance the caulking agent matters needing attention of choose and buy, look at how to identify the quality stand or fall of caulking agent.

one, the advantages of caulking agent is introduced:

caulking agent has the advantage that it has better strong degree, but there are also a lot of color and pattern, for us to choose. Caulking agent compared with the traditional gap filling agent, has better decorative effect.

2, how to identify the stand or fall of caulking agent?

although caulking agent has better decorative effect, but also has the very good strength, but the caulking agent products are also available in the market is more, there will be a lot of bad gap filling agent, so we in the choose and buy when, must be careful.

1, the caulking agent will happen obvious contraction

high quality caulking agent after drying, will not happen obvious shrinkage; And the poor quality of gap filling agent, due to its viscosity is not enough, it could happen soon powder phenomenon.

so, we are checking the quality stand or fall of gap filling agent, can come out a little gap filling agent, and then wait for a period of time, after the dry, see whether the caulking agent will shrink, if can, then the caulking agent product quality is not very good, we try not to choose this gap filling agent, if not careful choice, for home construction, have relatively full filled seam an agent, may after construction, become not particularly good-looking, adornment effect is worse.

2, see the hardness of caulking agent

high quality gap filling agent, has high hardness, so we can pass the test the hardness of caulking agent to check the quality stand or fall of caulking agent.

the hardness of caulking agent without the high hardness of ceramic tile, but also has certain wear-resisting performance after drying, we come out a gap filling agent, wait for dry after testing its hardness will know good or bad.

3, see the luster of caulking agent

high quality gap filling agent, it has good iuster, look shiny, and inferior gap filling agent, lackluster look feel, even the construction use up, and probably doesn't look nice.

4, see the sticky degree of caulking agent

caulking agent of high viscosity, the quality is better, so the quality of caulking agent after construction, it is not easy to scrub off; If very easy to wipe off the gap filling agent, so the quality of this caulking agent is a bit worrying.

5, smell

the use of gap filling agent, some worry that whether the environmental protection, we filled seam an agent when the choose and buy, can smell the smell of gap filling agent, if the smell is bigger, then don't filled seam an agent to buy this kind. High quality of caulking agents won't have too big.

the points above, is a good or bad about caulking agent identification method of caulking agent products, may let us look at the dazzling, when the choose and buy, be sure to carefully identify, in this way, we can choose to satisfactory good caulking agent product.
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