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Ceramic tile seam filling agent construction personnel going to have the basic tools?

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
Basic tool for ceramic tile seam filling agent construction personnel preparation is as follows: adhesive glue gun gun products if uneven pressure setting, quality closes nevertheless, can also cause caulking material not stem, tube tube caulking construction problems, such as, so be sure to choose good quality, reasonable design of glue gun, at the same time pay attention to the regular cleaning glue guns, inspection and maintenance and the life of the forecast. Clean shovel clean shovel blade mainly used for cleaning and removal of excess stock of ceramic tile aperture. Note crack-cleaning, clean shovel vertical operation, in order to avoid sharp blade damage to ceramic tile edge, affect beautiful ceramic tile and caulking. Remaining material cleaning, will more than caulking material scooping up gently, don't too hard, pay attention to avoid scratched surface of ceramic tile. Clean shovel knife blade with subsection, when the segment blade passivation, coin off this paragraph are available, and loading a new paragraph. Must pay attention to safety when replacement, abandoned short blade must be placed in special cleaning barrel. Caulking wax wax before playing seam, in the form a protective film on the surface of the ceramic tile, convenient remaining material cleaning at the same time, avoid to remove excess stock when the tile surface from scratching. The use of caulking wax greatly shortens the time of the shop is stuck the crepe paper and has been widely applied to the caulking. If ceramic tile is high hardness, smooth wear-resisting glazed ceramic tile, can need not wax processing. Glazed ceramic tile of high hardness and smooth surface for the remaining material cleaning is powerful, only with clean shovel knife scooping up gently, then directly across the tear. If not determine the type of ceramic tile or ceramic tile rough surface hardness is small, before playing seam must wax or crepe paper, guarantee the effect of ceramic tile and caulking. Mixture mixing tube adopts spiral design, ensure the caulking agent fully mixing of two groups of materials. Before sewing, with box along the top material mouth cut into degree Angle, material mouth slightly smaller than the width of brick, then spin on the gap filling agent. At the seam, about ml of caulking materials don't first, ensure the caulking materials mixing construction. Pressure sewing tools on the market there are different types of sewing tools, seam pressure bar, seam pressure, pressure seam scraper, etc. Seam pressure tool a variety to choose from, construction personnel according to handle and late effects appear to choose suits own seam pressure tool. When pressure joint, with pressure sewing tools from brick along the seam at one end to the other side, keep the strength. In case of cross crack, divergent from gap center to the periphery type pressure joint, cross gap gap filling material can overlap, can press a few times more, guarantee the gap with flush all round. Scraping the threatening the Mosaic tiles or tiles for caulking construction, conventional rifle hit stitch not only time-consuming fee, and gap filling effect is not ideal. At this time to choose water porcelain epoxy caulking construction, scraper is going to play. The mixing water epoxy on ceramic tile, porcelain with scraper daub evenly. Then the remaining material with sponge to scrub clean can. Caulking tools rich variety, complete function, guarantee the perfection of caulking construction. Small make up a simple introduction of several important tool, the tool on demand to match neat, the tool gets ready, to find a sunny days, caulking construction officially started. Reasonable planning, seiko slowly. Caulking is closely related to the effect and the construction technology, an inadvertent, one false move may lose the game, so builders every process to accord with technical standards. New construction, however, due to lack of experience, it is easy to cause the material waste, the effect is not ideal, the hard to avoid.
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