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Ceramic tile seam filling agent construction personnel how to conduct regular caulking agent construction?

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
First of all, due to the construction site dust, from bad caulking agent cleaning, etc. , suggested that ceramic tile seam filling agent construction personnel wear good protective tools, such as: gloves, shoe covers, caps, masks, overalls, etc. , caulking construction often crouching homework, work clothes to keep loose; Try to choose soft shoes with high performance. Personal comprehensive protection is a prerequisite for each job. Guard tool, enter the construction site, construction procedure arrangement is as follows: step: crack-cleaning crack-cleaning is divided into three steps: table, deep clean, wipe the dust. Table clear: first of all, the ceramic tile surface clean with cleaning tools. Deep clean: with the shovel knife gap in the dust cleared, in case of solidification of ceramic tile adhesive products, carefully wipe out. Brush the dust brush with wool cleaning while the porcelain seam, then clean the dust again, then vacuum sucked the dirt around the crevice and aperture clean. Finish with a slightly damp cloth to wipe the dust, to ensure that the porcelain clean dust-free caulking construction standards. Step: wax wax to ceramic tile is coated with a layer of protective film, protect the ceramic tile at the same time, more easy to excess stock to clear. Step: joint screw on special mixing tube, then put the caulking agent into glue guns, hit about cm caulking material waste not, so that the mix. Mixing tube as possible at the seam and ceramic tile ground vertical for caulking agent can full of cracks, uniform while walking, good grasp of the intensity and frequency for caulking agent uniform flow, guarantee the gap filling effect. Step: pressure seam with dedicated caulking blade from brick force along the seam at one end to the other side, keep the strength. When you meet the cross crack with blade along the cross crack spread to the outside pressure, due to the overlap, cross center materials available blade pressure twice more, to ensure that the center and around the same level, caulking effect maximization. Step: excess stock cleaning with professional shovel knife will be more than caulking material scooping up gently, don't too hard, pay attention to avoid the damage of ceramic tile surface. After a whole article directly to tear up. Step: after the completion of the finished product protection construction to the table to do this period of time, must keep the environment clean and tidy, temperature humidity is appropriate, to avoid contamination by dust, water or oil. At ordinary times when using, pay attention not to strong stimulation. Caulking to this, you're done, do you feel ready, achievement the roof! Have a friend want to DIY caulking, small make up have to tell you. Do you want to do your own caulking? That of course you can. But when you use knowledge, you will find you to book, is after know difficult! Serious consideration, some problems still need to advance notice construction protection, wear good protective appliance, pay attention to safety. Crack-cleaning dust flying, the ceramic tile of unreasonable sometimes need grinding polishing machine, so a lot of dust is not illusion, to prevent dust into the mouth and nose eyes; Shovel knife, knife grinding machine is very sharp, even pay attention to safety when construction; Essence is a kind of adhesive, caulking agent construction defiled with easy and not easy to clean, so the reasonable planning of caulking agent from everywhere. Pay attention to wear loose-fitting, mix. Conventional caulking construction operation is ground, squatting also means you need to do one day, so keep clothes loose and soft. Reasonable arrangement of time limit for a project, mix, watch the excessive fatigue, damage to health. Jie caulking agent USES the raw materials of green environmental protection, pay attention to technology development and innovation, focus on producing high quality products, always adhere to provide society with high quality green building materials and make unremitting efforts. Mr Jie series products are through the inspection authority.
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