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Ceramic tile seam filling agent do this at 7 o 'clock, time no worries

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Shelter evil people and practices easily brick joints, clean and trouble, tiles can not sew? Of course, the answer is not ok! What's the best of both worlds approach, can protect the beautiful durable brick joints? Of course, the answer is ceramic tile gap filling! Professional brick seam' target='_blank'>caulking gun can form a protective layer, prevent the dirty black brick joints. Gap filling on the surface of the product color is rich, the market now is dumb light, bright light, metal effects, such as choice space is very large. But to give prize, durable effect, the choice of caulking and construction also has much attention should be paid. 。 Caulking should choose what color? With technology improvement, the color is filled seam an agent become more and more abundant, in addition to the common black, white, yellow, gold, also have grey, blue, green, red, silver color, etc. White, black ceramic tile seam filling agent is joker, and marble tiles, archaize brick and wood grain brick tie-in fitting for a variety of categories. The effect of metal ceramic tile seam filling agent expensive gas, more suitable for costly style to decorate, applicable Yu Yushi, microcrystalline ceramic tile ceramic tile, marble tile and other category. The position such as spelling a flower, background wall can bold use contrast color, to strengthen the visual effect, but not large area is used. If the winding, can use the principle of similar color collocation, caulking agent and ceramic tile color similar to that of the overall effect more coordination. 。 Matte or light? Like ceramic tile, caulking also have special surface effect. Light series of colorful, gloss, effect and bright and pure and fresh, it is mainly used for light brick; Dumb smooth series reflective rate is low, visual effect is more soft, and light brick, brick, wood grain brick, culture stone tile of dumb light of such category is more suitable. 。 Construction cleaning work before construction to make brick joints and construction site clean before, at the bottom of the aperture should level off, firm, clean. Ceramic tile aperture in the dust, dirt to clean, has been with white cement or traditional caulking grout brick seam jointing, need the shovel shovel out - The depth of the mm for joint sealant caulking. If the ground water is also want to clean up and construction, otherwise it will affect the caulking, bonding result in late fall off, cracking and other problems. 。 construction environment should be placed in ℃ - ℃ in a cool, dry and ventilated space, construction of environmental temperature is best in ℃ - ℃ range, the space humidity shoulds not be too high. If in the process of the construction environment humid, water react with curing agent may cause. Construction environment temperature is too low, will result in caulking product moisture evaporates slow or freeze, hinder the caulking grout curing; But too high temperature, moisture evaporates quickly will also affect the bonding effect.
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