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Ceramic tile seam filling agent how to deposit in order to prevent deterioration? Caulking agent

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
Ceramic tile seam filling agent how to deposit in order to prevent deterioration? Believe that this is a issue for a lot of owner and construction personnel, below small make up to you to reassure.

now on the market of caulking grout variety, quality is uneven, many users do not know how to choose, especially to choose the right brand, storage is wrong, is disqualified, very let users have a headache. Now because of caulking grout construction effect will be influenced by environmental factors,
to sometimes not conducive to the construction, many users will be saved gap filling grout, so that next time, with gap filling agent, after all, belongs to high-grade decoration products, its price to waste a lot of users are not willing to give up, but many users do not know how to store won't let caulking gun metamorphic damage.

now take gap filling agent, for example, tell you how to save, in general, should prevent sunlight exposure, as far as possible in the shade dry place, because caulking gun belongs to chemical products, in the children's reach as far as possible, so as not to be swallowed, and cause harm. Best can at about 5 ℃ temperature storage, so more can prolong shelf life. You buy the gap filling agent, usually there will be storage methods on packaging, very clear, you do as it is.

is there anything else if they don't understand, also can consult our online customer service, more information can be log in wuhan building material co. , LTD's website for more consultation!
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