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Ceramic tile seam filling agent in daily life have what effect?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
People's mood will change with the changes in the environment, in a clean environment, the person's mood will become clear. But most of the time, want to clean and pleasant environment have become difficult to achieve such a simple wish, the ground ceramic tile aperture cleaning has become many family problems. Who is a negligence of ceramic tile aperture, easy to leave a clean corner, accumulate over a long period, shelter evil people and practices of bacteria dust not only let a person look at uncomfortable, can also cause a certain influence to the health of people, clean and became a 'lose-lose' thing. Want to solve the problem of 'considered the' brick joints, the first thing to trace from the root. The material of ceramic tile gap filling qualified? Construction is in place? Why someone so beautiful new tile floor, feel is very good-looking? In fact, in addition to the soft outfit should match well, hard material selection is the key. A higher requirements and caulking on basic condition one: the ceramic tile of different, different caulking construction steps. Caulking with ceramic tile, ceramic tile is the foundation of caulking. Ceramic tile to choose wrong, or don't understand, caulking to effect may not be better. After all, different types of ceramic tile, reserved aperture size is different. , if ceramic tile aperture width is greater than the mm, water can be porcelain series products of caulking construction. , archaize brick, Mosaic brick such is used in the ceramic tile of hutch, recommend porcelain caulking water for construction. Porcelain is a kind of waterborne two-component water environmental protection material gap filling products, strong adhesion, good environmental protection, it with water as dispersion medium, does not contain organic solvent, does not cause air pollution, is suitable for the hutch such as waterproof non-slip Mosaic, archaize brick. , some of the surface texture is soft floor materials, such as micro SPAR, use water porcelain series and true porcelain series construction. Second: the ceramic tile shop sticks time decides the construction of gap filling effect. Ceramic tile gap filling agent and adhesive with certain moisture, before it for caulking dry, glue water spread out, can appear the condition of the empty drum ceramic tile, it is easy to let caulking products be affected with damp be affected with damp, lead to white, white, and fall off, rework rework. So, must be in tile a week later, again for caulking. If encounter a rainy day, the drying time and delay at a later time. Second, caulking higher requirements of construction caulking construction has two ways, one is the owners manual DIY, one is to choose the construction team. , no matter which method is likely to lead to the construction effect is uneven, the owners have their own work at ordinary times, if their caulking, takes time and effort in advance understanding of relevant knowledge, and then set out to do, but, after all, did not practice to effect not necessarily skilled master of caulking. DIY with a sense of accomplishment, but have no experience, after all. Construction team and the technical level of the good and bad are intermingled, also directly affect the effect after the construction, even late due to the effect, decorate a company willing to rework again, but after curing of caulking agent needs to be dismantled, cleaned and laborious. Choose specification caulking construction team, is very necessary. Caulking own caulking division team, caulking division is specially before mount guard training, all construction content after the scene teaching, guarantee for caulking construction using the scientific method. Three, do caulking, more should understand collocation rule caulking not only can the landlord will provide the detailed construction technology, also for the owners to provide professional caulking colour collocation strategy, because believe that good product only through proper collocation and construction method, can play a better effect. Caulking collocation rule, the home is a place of 'temperature', the 'temperature' can be represented by color. Changes in temperature relationship is depend on the contrast of color, produced by the man's natural life experience, such as white and grey, blue, silver and fog haze elegant grey and pink. Supplement each other, similar color is tie-in, can have the effect of mutual echo, such as: yellow and green, red and purple and red and orange, orange, and yellow, etc. , brunet with light color is tie-in. Such as black and white, deep and shallow, deep green and bright hit shallow ash is lubricious, write a classic quality sense. And promise the collocation of color and warm color. Black, white, gold, silver, gray, referred to as the infinite color, they can match with any color. Caulking products the choice of the color also want and bedroom style bring out the best in each other, at the same time and the unified household color photograph, a bedroom, if too much color is chaotic, heavy and complicated is more easily. Four, caulking details when using ceramic tile gap filling agent discharge must be even less easy to not much, in the cross interface more small brick construction should be painted in the first vertical seam, then apply the principle of the horizontal seam, in the cross intersection, after note caulking agent to here to skip the blow gently, make less caulking agent into the cross stitch. Pay attention to the floor and metope of the line that play a base, or ceiling and metope, the linkage between the sink and ceramic tile, etc. These seemingly insignificant details, these details if you draw the outline of the attentively, you will find that the original it can also be a kind of beautiful scenery. Caulking agent after the initial curing, with a slightly damp sponge to redundant caulking agent on the surface of the ceramic tile is clean. If cleaning not clean will affect beautiful. Now more and more people pay attention to detail, the pursuit of quality of life, a black seam can't endure. Choose normal manufacturer of products, looking for professional construction team, pay attention to color collocation and details, you can also have 'other people's joint sealant caulking' series product, contain the true porcelain, water-based porcelain, waterborne epoxy, beautiful treasure, ceramic tile adhesive, etc. Focus on caulking building materials industry, research and development, production, sales and construction link, always adhere to the 'scientific and technological innovation, win-win cooperation, good faith' concept of development, is committed to high-tech and quality service.
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