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Ceramic tile seam filling agent industry status quo? What brand of ceramic tile gap filling

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
Ceramic tile seam filling grout industry status quo?
two or three years ago for caulking agent is not very understanding, so the sales and fame is proportional to the, is not very good. But a year later, caulking agent of cooked by consumers, sales have gradually come up with. In the meantime, many brands promote themselves and more powerful. With simple identify OEM brand and small manufacturer, caulking agent appearance with adhesive on the pot, we can say 100% small factory or stick a card, because there is no sales, so can only use stickers. In this case, the product quality problems, the effect of the construction after the bleak. price low-end brand didn't do the strength of the brand, the pursuit of short-term benefits, light is not on brand and long-term development. Also led to the ordinary investors and consumers are hard to distinguish good or bad, the early some agent don't understand, the agent some low-grade caulking agent brand, the results do not any grades.

ceramic tile seam filling agent of what brand is good?
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